Carved by the Angels

March 26, 2014

Unbranded dress and bag, ICONinety9 shoes, necklace c/o Eternal Girl

O H M Y G O D. It's D-19 to the National Exam and I'm still here doing nothing behind my desk! As you can see I'm trying to finish this post as smooth as I can, without looking too rushed because I still have to get gifts for Tara's birthday tomorrow! Aaaanndd I'm also going to have three days of try outs starting from tomorrow onwards. Oh I wish I can pass them all with good grades, just so I know if I should study harder or not (in which the answer will always be 'YES') (that's like a very rethoric question).

So, I guess we all know that shopping at thrift stores always give us a weird pleasure afterwards. Because you get your favorite stuff with such an affordable price. I have to be grateful for having mom like my mom because she's really good in shopping at thrift stores and bargaining with shop sellers! Whenever she's out for a monthly shopping routine, she will come home with extra shopping bags fulled with our new clothes. The best part is, the stuffs she gets are never in a bad condition or with low quality of sewing. Just like the orange dress I'm currently wearing here! One day when she just got home from shopping by herself, she came up to me and gave me this lovely dress. It has beautiful pattern like it's being carved! >< So adorable ♥ Sure, probably wearing this dress would show my fats but who the hell cares, I love showing my curves ;)

Told you it's like a carved dress

The new ankle boots I got on new year

Bag bought somewhere, given by my aunt

necklace c/o Eternal Girl

I remember I have a lot of accessories and necklaces and bangles :/ But then again, I can't find them anywhere, it's as if they've gone like poof. But of course, this lovely handmade necklace will always be here to save the day! I totally love it and all of my friends love this too to bits! They really like the hand-drawn key within the necklace and it has a very strong vintage vibe, so kewl~ You guys should really get one of these beauties asap! Eternal Girl has a lot of choices to pick~ Oh well, I guess I need to clean my closet to find my treasures back... or else I want them to lose forever.

Well then, have a nice day! xx


  1. beautiful dress, love the color
    your blog is great, I followed you on g+ and bloglovin
    hope that you can visit our blog :)

  2. Beautiful dress detail dear and lovely color too :D


  3. ładna sukienka;)

  4. Your dress is so cute!

    check out my blog!