Girls In The City 4: Galeri Nasional Indonesia

March 12, 2014

Holla! So I guess I can't wait any longer to post about my GITC trip last Sunday to Gallery of Indonesia. We went there because of Fidel's invitation to roam around the gallery since there was a Japanese exhibition held there. I was going to refuse it truth be honest because for godsake I had an angklung recital the day before and I was soooo tired and worn out. But thinking of this is going to be GITC's next episode, I changed my mind and agreed to come along! Went there with our best fellows too, Hika and Amel. Hika's going to apply for Japanese literature in UI and she's always up for things like this—the ones that smell Japanese and such. So of course we had no option rather than taking her with us!

Speaking of which, the first time me and Fidel started this GITC series was kind of random. I remember we went to Pacific Place in Jakarta to get our concert tickets and went roaming around the spots around aimlessly just because there were just too many good photo spot. Our first "guest" was Ghina, a sweet junior of mine, and since we're all kpop lovers, taking the name from Super Junior's photobook title, Boys In The City that has taken until 4 episodes—which the last one took place in Paris—we decided to just call ours, Girls In The City. Simply because we're girls (of course duh) and the main aim of this little trips is to have as much fun as you can! We would pick someone to come along with us, and spend time on streets, take as many pictures as we want, laugh like an idiot, and most important, to taste foods we never had the chance! Before this one, I posted the one we had to UI, it's supposed to be our 4th episode. The third one took place in Gallery of Indonesia too, but I lost most of the photos because my hard disk is broken :( Anyway, just scroll down to see what GITC did this time!

Left a message written in Japanese teehee ;D

Fidel wanted to try Ragusa after postponing the idea for such a long time, so we made it there for quick dessert before lunch (or dinner, was it?). Though we only ate ice cream, it was my second time after my last visit to Ragusa. Apparently it has been 10 years ago??? Haha it's been that long! The place hasn't changed much, still as vintage-looking as ever. And the ice cream still tastes as good as the first time I tried it ^^

And of course, my outfit of the day;

Loving the shoes that come from ICONinety9, which I got on a very good bargain during new year. This pair is a twin with mom's so whenever we wear them people will recognize it quickly that the shoes match each other ;D It's totally comfortable, wore it for hours walking to one place to the other, crossing the streets, standing for God knows how long waiting for the commuter, running across streets, and even until I got home I didn't get any blisters! And I had a quite tough day walking through the city in skirts. I'm gonna learn how to drive properly now even on highways so that I can drive myself to Jakarta when needed, and don't have to take public transportation, fuhhh. Trust me I'm not the type who can take public transportation into good mood :$

Well then, see you when I see you! xx


  1. What a cute place and cute pinafore :D


  2. Great post! That place is near my school :D wish i can go there too someday because some people said its a great place to go in Jakarta.

  3. Lovely! I really love the background
    keep in touch :3


  4. beautiful photos dear. I love your floral jumpskirt say would you like to follow each other? =) just let me know on my blog =) hugs

  5. love love love the dungaree !


  6. nice post, nice photos and nice story