Music madness: on shuffle

April 19, 2014

Lately I've got lots of new music coming into my playlist. And most of them are foreign, yes. Not just foreign but really foreign, maybe to you too. Nowadays, the Hollywood music seems like a turn-off for me. I often listen to Asian songs, be it Mandarin, Korean, or Japanese. And today, I feel like sharing the world my first ever playlist on the blog, yay~ April has been a very tough month, and it's going to be even tougher next month and June because that's the real battle when I finally have to look for which university I'm gonna apply. These following songs I'm gonna recommend have accompanied me throughout the good and the bad days during national exam. And I really wish you can check them out! ^^

♫ Mika ft. Ariana Grande - Popular Song // Since I jumped into kpop, my curiosity in exploring Western music became lesser because, well, it seems like my time is absorbed by exploring kpop, haha. But I should be blessed for having friends who still recommending me good songs from the world of the West. I have never heard about Mika before, a friend of mine told me he's a British, and Popular Song is the first song I listen from Mika. I'm not really fond of Ariana because the scandal she had with Victoria Justice lol. But I gotta admit it she pulled it off really well here I can give my heart to her. Other songs from Mika I highly recommend would be Underwater, The Origin of Love, and Stardust!
♫ S.M. The Ballad - 太贪心 // Also known as 'Blind'. This one has another version sung by Yesung in Japanese and is included in S.M. The Ballad's second album. I am totally fangirling over Zhoumi's voice here because it's been such a long time since this sub group from SM made a comeback. And I've missed listening to Zhoumi's solo! Definitely going to be my lullaby~
♫ S.M. The Ballad - 하루 // This song has been played for gazillion of times in my iTunes. Like, I listen to this almost every single day. I never thought combining two SM's violin-like vocalist was a great idea, but it is a brilliant idea. You put Ryeowook in this song and Haru is going to be the death of me. I just love the music and the instrument, both Jongdae and Jonghyun's voice are sooo beautiful and heart-slicing :"
♫ BTS - 상남자 // I know that Bangtan Boys will never disappoint me. This group is possibly the only hip hop group out there who has successfully brought me to like them. Hip hop for me sounds much more fun when it's in Korean haha xD Other songs aside from this one would be Tomorrow. I totally love its dubstep goodbye lyfe
♫ Kana Nishino - If // The first time I heard this song was when I attended a Japanese festival with my Japanese club. One of our members won at the second place and had to sing once again live on stage. That was the time when I heard it. And I still can't believe it she could actually sing this song because it has very pitch and loud. Definitely worth the shot.
♫ Ailee - Let It Go // Yesterday I spent the night with hyung. Yea after we had our 'confession' conversation by the LINE chat, she headed over to my house to spazz together. Oh it's been a long time... But anyway, yesterday marks the date where I finally declared that Ailee is going to be my yeoja senpai because dude, she has a very beautiful, great, amazing, and powerful voice! Unlike female Korean singers mostly, she has the type of Western singer. And I really fell head over heels for her, oh I definitely would. Her version of Let It Go is going to be my favorite one so far. She really has the talent and I'd like to crown her as the Beyonce of Korea. Hats off.
♫ Krystal f(x), Jessica SNSD ft. Kris EXO - Say Yes // I was scrolling down through my askfm timeline when I saw the link to this song. There's a new movie called 'Make A Move', starring BoA. Hyung said it's like the Korean version of Step Up. I wish I can watch it >< Back to the song, I was listening in awe knowing that the Jung sisters actually sing in pure English from the beginning. Not to mention there's fucking Kris here what can be better???
♫ Super Junior-M - Swing // Like I said before SJM had their comeback right before EXO, and released their second mini album called Swing, just like the title song itself. I agree to say that this is by far the most successful mini album SM ever produced. When I just got the whole album, I quickly played it in the car and usually there's this certain song you would just skip because you dislike it. But not for Swing. I love all the songs. I love all the melodies, the spirit within each song, the fun, the sadness, the comforting tone. Oh I wish I had the money to buy the physical album T^T
♫ 2NE1 - Come Back Home // Despite the weird instrument it has, I can't say no to this song. And it's fucking 2NE1, so no lose for me to listen to their song.

So, there you have it! If you have good songs to recommend, please don't be hesitate to give your suggestions in the comment section! ^^ Happy Saturday night and enjoy your weekend ;) xo


  1. Hii kak nava! I love S.M The Ballad's songs too, lol.
    They're rockin' the k-pop style.


    1. Hiiii sayaangggg huhu dipanggil "kak" jadi malu >< Iya aku padahal awalnya ga terlalu sreg soalnya sempet bad first impression sama Breath, aku pikir albumnya jelek :< Ternyata abis download sealbum ga semuanya jelek ahay~~

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    1. Thank you so much, Gail! Hoping you would listen to it! ><

  3. Love those songs too
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  4. songs you have selecting are great <3333333333
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