The need to lead

March 01, 2014

Few days ago I was scrolling through my's timeline (look at my Insta feed!) and someone over there talked about the behaviour—or more into her point of view about Arians. So if you haven't really paid attention, I'm a pure Aries at heart. I am perfectly placed between end of March and April, not just an ordinary cusp. To tell you the truth, I was never a believer of anything like this. I don't believe the zodiac corner in the magazines because my zodiac doesn't have anything to do with my attitude. Or so I thought.

I was like "ooh...", and then "aaah..." when reading her analysis because dude you totally feel me. For a split second I thought she was talking directly through me lol. It's true that somehow, I have this obligation to take charge of everything, to handle more stuffs than the rest of the people. Because just like she says, being the first-born zodiac I am, I tend to take lead to make sure that my members do everything perfectly, and also to make sure that they're heading the right way. I realized after reading this, that it's definitely not a bad thing for being the leader of so many teams. I admit that I hate when I'm not chosen as a team leader. I'm a perfection seeker and stuffs are getting real hard when I'm not the leader. Though it's really tiring but I don't even understand why this perfection matters so much to me! I'm so competitive, much to myself rather than to anyone else. I set my own goals, some are too high to reach but I keep going anyway. This attitude gives birth to the ambitious me.

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Now that I've learned more about my zodiac type, I understand why I'm always aiming for perfection. I know where my ruling possession comes from. No matter how much I ramble about being a leader, there's only one place for me in a group-work; the leader. It has always been it. I don't like taking orders from other people, I'm stubborn, I'm independent and I love controlling people. I guess it's something that comes by from the nature. I'm so greedy of being the most important person in a society group and I'll do anything to be a part of any exclusive groups. It's just what I am. It's just what Arians are.

After all, I was born to be a leader.

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