Unboxing my first ever SOCOBOX from Sociolla!

October 31, 2018

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? I looked into my watch and realized that it's October 31st! Meaning that we're going to enter a new month, woop woop! 2019 is just two months away, can you believe that? How many things have you achieved this year? Have you crossed a lot of your travel wishlist? Have you been a good person this year? ;)

In today's post I wanna share with you guys my first ever experience of receiving freebies, in this case, make-up and skincare from Sociolla through their famous SOCOBOX. I'm sure my fellow Indonesian are pretty familiar with the name. I've heard about it for quite some time now and I was wondering if anyone could get the box. I visited a lot of Indonesian beauty bloggers and after reading a lot of SOCOBOX-related articles, I finally tried registering myself for one. SOCOBOX is not the kind of free make-up and skincare that you get because you subscribe to a service. It's a whole different box for that. SOCOBOX is a gift from Sociolla to their SOCO members for being active in the community after achieving certain milestone. I recently just became a part of the Pink Clique.

With each package comes as well an information card of what you get in your SOCOBOX. Sociolla will send the products that mostly suit your skin type by looking through your beauty profiles that you fill in your SOCO profile. Which is why I suggest you to fill it as true as it can be because Sociolla relies on it when they're about to send you freebies.

So there are all the things that I get in my SOCOBOX: Corine de Farme Purity Micellar Water, Sulamit Smart Stay Matte Lip Paint, and Derma Angel Acne Patch mix. I am so excited to try everything since I have never heard of these brands before so I'm really curious to see how they cope up with my skin problems!

Sociolla gives out heaps and heaps of SOCOBOX every month to their SOCO members and you can be one of them! All you have to do is sign up to be a member and start reviewing away! Don't forget to be active in the community to collect points so you can get into the Beauty Clique.

Visit me on SOCO: soco.id/navartierre


  1. Hello Dyn!
    Very interesting products!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Have a happy November!

  2. sebelumnya makasih yak udah visit blog aku. untuk Micellar water aku udha coock bnget sama yang garnier yang warna yellow itu bner bagus menurut aku. Dan untuk lipstiknya kayak nya bagus. Nice post too :)

  3. This brand is new to me. Interesting!

  4. Great products.
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  5. Great post dear!
    I follow you can you follow me back?

  6. świetny post, fajne kosmetykii
    obserwuje i zapraszam do mnie :)