October 19, 2017

My first camera was a digital pocket camera. It has 22x zoom and white in color. The depth of field that it created wasn't so bad, but I had to work through it since it was an automatic lens. And then I fell in love with DSLR cameras, because of its manual setting in getting depth of field of your desire. And so I got myself a Canon 600D and went mad over its abillity in shooting pictures. I have always been the digital girl in the camera industry. Who can resist its versatility and customization they offer?

But then I saw my boyfriend, who apparently, not going the same direction as me in photography. Unlike me, he prefers film photography. He might not be the best photographer out there, but something about his film rolls are so enchanting. It has low light, grainy, has greenish and blusih tone in most photos, depth of field is not as strong as mine, etc. And yet... his photos make my heart flutters more than my own photos that are created by DSLR. He kinda challenged me to start snapping photos in film, using one of his camera. I was so giddy, even though it was just a point and shoot camera, but the rush of excitement that runs through my mind knowing that none of us knew how the result would be yet it didn't stop us to keep taking photos. Being used to using DSLR, I focus on the composition of the photo that I take. If I don't like it, I delete it and retake another one. But with films, I learn the mechanics of the camera itself. Because films can get over or underexposed if I set the light meter wrong, or if I shoot in low light surrounding with wrong ISO. Doesn't that sound fun?

Location: Malioboro
Fujicolor 200 - Octopus Panorama

So yeah, this is my first ever roll of film that I took using analog camera. I used to have one as well but I threw it away once I got a digital camera. Who knows that film photography would be a thing in the future eh? I really love the excitement of waiting your film to be printed because it really takes a while to see the result. It's the kind of feeling that I don't get with DSLR cameras, and definitely the kind of feeling that will reel me back to film photography. I'm sorry if my photos look weird lol. My composition still sucks. But this camera is so fun to shoot with since you can shoot in two different dimension which means two different moods.

PS: Photos are taken by me. Photos that have me in it, taken by boyfriend!

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