October 25, 2017

I can't really remember when was the first time I fell in love with the world of photography. It just struck me one day that I love to take photos and experiment with a lot of perspective to create my very own version of beauty. With each photo that I take, one after the other, I grow along. I learn bit by bit what kind of style suits me best, what's my aesthetic, and how I develop feelings from my photographs. I used to think that to produce amazing photos, I gotta have the most high end camera. Until I realize that I can create beauties even with a simple phone camera. Your camera doesn't define the quality of the photos you take. It's you. It's the emotion that flows through you when you take photos, translated implicitly in the angle, the object, the brightness. It's the way you see the world from behind the lens to create your very own version of reality so others can see it too. I have seen countless people treating DSLR and mirrorless cameras like they're just point and shoot cameras. Now that I've tasted the world of film photography after years playing with DSLR, I can confidently say that it's really a matter of preference. Neither one of them is more superior than the other. Just because it takes more effort, money, and money to develop photos from film rolls doesn't make film photography is more valuable than digital photography. Like I said, it's not the gear, not the camera, not the equipment; it's you.


  1. hello, this is my first time visit your blog. Aku setuju bngt bukan seberapa mahal kamera kalau ga bs ada taste dan emosinya kamera hanya kamera. foto juga jadi kurang menarik nantinya hehehe

  2. so beautiful and i'm looking forward for your the photos you took <3

    cheer, michelle ~