And he said love is an old fashioned word

October 05, 2017

I would like to say sorry from the deepest of my heart, for not seeing you all those years ago. I should've known—my god I should—that you would be perfect for me. Okay, I know that sounds exaggerating, but I've never been this happier in my life of meeting the love of my life. I know it's so cringeworthy, but I'm in love and I always will be so bear with me, you will have to get used to me being cheesy 24/7 to you.

I know I've hurt you so bad in the past. I've rejected you, ditched you, mocked you, I didn't even look at you when I was your only world. And I should have known that your feelings were genuine. Because if I could turn back time, I'd tell my old self to just take you in.

"This man will make you happy. So happy that you will not question anything."

With you, I feel so enough. I don't even feel like anything in me has changed. Everything is just like how it's supposed to be, only better. You always shower me with the much needed affection, but you never forget to let me walk by myself in rough times. It's like as if we're growing together.

Thank you for the second chance. I will not waste it away.


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