Santa, Lend Me Your Ear! | Christmas Wishlist

April 17, 2014

I know, it's still far from December. And I know, my birthday was a week ago. But it feels weird not making wishlist of what I'm currently wanting ;D It's becoming a tradition, and I myself enjoy making one too, haha. So here goes the current wish list;

1 // Samsung Series 9 Premium Ultrabook. Not that I'm tired with my VAIO E-series, but some weeks ago when I was browsing the web, looking for certain phone for my dad, my eyes caught this beautiful beast on its page. Damn, man, it's so beautiful and slim and pearl white and when I read the specs... Goodness I gotta have this baby soon or later ;3; The design reminds me with Macbook, and I love Macbook because its design. Sadly I'm not one blessed with the ability to use Macintosh, I'm no tech savy heol... Fortunately Samsung comes with this and I quickly added it to my wish list. Sadly, this costs USD 1900, equals to IDR 21 million lol fuck me lord.

2 // My laptop is getting slower and slower each day, probably because I keep too many data inside. I hope to get either internal or external hard disk at least 1 TB to store all my necessities :$ It's fine if I didn't keep kpop videos and downloaded movies in my laptop haha ;D Living as a fangirl is hard, you gotta prepare your laptop to be able to hold all those spazzing stuffs~

3 // EXO's second mini album, 'Overdose'. Ohhh yeeeahhh they're finally back! With mini album tho, I still want them to have their second album instead of a mini one ._. I'll be having my Mandarin version like always, SM's going to release them on April 21st gah, that's way too long for me >< I can't wait to see the full MV of Overdose!

4 // I've got one from Julia last year, but I still want more! Especially this one with blue lotus drawing. I totally love the color seriously but I don't even have credit card to shop lmao maybe one day or maybe someone is interested to send me one, no? ;D

5 // Samsung Galaxy S4 in electric blue. Nooooo omg the last time I saw the commercial for Galaxy S3 they had it in pebble blue, not this one comes out in electric blue Samsung why you do this to me ;__; I read the specs few days ago, and this is the phone that I am going to recommend for dad to buy (he asked me to look for one since he's going to replace his old Blackberry) (in other words, I hope he'll listen ;p). I still love my Galaxy Wonder, but what I hate from Android device is that you can't upgrade your OS unlike iPhones. I wanna upgrade my Gingerbread since long time ago but they said if I do that my phone would work even slower and eventually dead T^T But yeeahhhh this one from Samsung definitely stole my heart

6 // Samsung NX Mini. "From wide-angle to telephoto shots, this lens has got you covered" << why didn't you show up earlier before I invested all my money to my 600D ಠ_ಠ Duh you've got perfect lens and perfect weight for everyday use, you can even do selfie using this, I need it. Like, really, really need. I would trade my 600D to this seriously.

Uhhh, I realized I'm such a gadget freak for wanting all those stuffs from Samsung. I'm not even doing sponsored post for them. I've been a loyal user of Samsung since I was little, and I guess it's a habit whenever I look for a gadget I'll always head to Samsung haha ;D Trust me this is not a sponsored post omg I just happen to list all those shimmery glittery smexy gadgets from them :x Have a nice day! xo

PS: I still accept gifts. Spoil me, c'mon guys...

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