Maybe in another universe, I deserve you

April 22, 2014

by Gaby Dunn

What if, in another universe, I deserve you?

Hear me out. There's this philosopher from the 1890s named William James, and he coined this theory about "the multiverse" which suggests that a hypothetical set of multiple universes comprises everything that can possibly exist simultaneously.

Are you following? The entirety of space, time, matter and energy is all happening at once in different timelines: It's the idea of parallel universes. Right? So okay, let’s presume the multiverse is real.

Well then, maybe somewhere in those infinite universes is one, or several, where I deserve you.

Maybe there's a universe out there—happening now—where we end up together and when I close my eyes at night, I'm not dreaming the way a normal person would. Instead I'm seeing flashes of our lives in the multiverse. They're not simple dreams because I miss you, right? They're scientific, anachronistic visions.

Maybe there's a universe where that's the life I want. Where I don't second guess everything and I'm not afraid of commitment and of the future and of love. Maybe there's a universe without all the noise in my head and the pride that makes me so fiercely independent and the coldness in my heart that I can turn on and off like a security fence.

Maybe there's a universe where I'm the right person for you. Where I adore every nice thing you did for me without starting to resent you. A universe where you actually end up with someone who appreciates you. A universe where we're happy—without wondering if that happiness is some messed-up Jenga game ready to topple at the slightest quiver. A universe where we're comfortable and sure, and we have cats.

If this theory holds, well, by the law of averages, there had to be one universe—just this one—where we don't end up together. Here and now just happens to be it. If you think of it this way, nothing is our fault.

So see, that explains everything. We're not together anymore because of the multiverse.

Well, isn't that comforting?

If you're sad, do like I do and just think of the other verses. The ones where I believe in love and where I don't hate myself and where I never feel the need to kamikaze relationships. A universe where we can have nice things. It's helpful, right?

Because you could have loved me forever. And maybe in another universe, I let you.


So, I came across this writing on my other social media platform. And this opens my eyes to a whole new life theory. That there is indeed another universe happening right now, aside from the one that we've known all this time. We just never see it. We can't. Because we're too busy dealing with our current life. We've failed to see that there are galaxies of possibilities out there that in another universe, something great is happening to us—the another us. This isn't bad. This is good, great I must say. Because this helps me thinking when I feel like life can't be worse, it can. Or when life can't be any better, well, it can. The one that we're currently living is just the complementary of another universe we never see.


  1. Woah - someone is a writer! These are some beautiful words.

  2. that's deep! i can totally relate though. thanks for sharing :)


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  5. It's so personally post, you had written this so deeply! I hope that everything will be all right!

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