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April 27, 2014

Ugh, it's finally over. Hours and hours of sitting and walking around the building to take pictures of my friends and talking to teachers is finally over. Yesterday I had graduation party from my school and it was nothing more than just 5 hours of sitting and getting sleepy. Haha, I guess I'm not that kind of person who loves social life that much. I wore this purple kebaya which mom made herself. I'm no good dressing down in traditional outfits so I told her I want a simple model. Also, I stick to my mantra; never ever wear something that makes you look 10 years older than your real age. I let my hair falling loosely, not even sprayed it, and set my skirt short just a bit below my knees.

Anyway, I'm going to warn you for bombarding this post with a lot of selca since, you know, it was hard for me to have full-body shot haha. But I've taught Tara how to take photos properly, she should be mastering the photography techniques in no time~ Meanwhile, enjoy the selcas!

The best girl friends I could ever ask for; Fidel and Tara. I should thank God for bringing you guys into my life in my senior high school, because without you two, I don't know would I survive the rough days of school and all. Thank you, girls, for being the best company throughout the years. Thank's Tara for being able to keep up with my silliness, thank's for lighting up my bad days, thank you for accepting me for who I am and always be there to listen to my endless rants. Thank's Fidel, for introducing me to kpop. Thank's for your treats and all those experiences I've went with you. Like I've told you numerous times before, you introduce me to a whole new world. Thank's for being who you are. I'm sorry if I ever hurt you whether I mean it or not. I'm afterall a human being, who makes mistakes. You guys are the most precious friends in high school, and I can never thank God enough for that. Much love and best of luck for us!

Jakuen 02

It's probably going to be Jakuen's last photo group. I'm gonna miss my sensei and the whole team, gonna miss all those time we've spent together rushing over Jakusai's work and watching anime together. We will soon walk our own way, separating from each other, but I hope the next time we meet again, it will be the time when we're already working on our dreams. Best of luck for us all!

So yeah, that guy above is titled as the smartest boy in science major, and was one of the 26 student representatives yesterday. I should be grateful for having a friend like Tara, who happened to know him, and introduced him to me. I remember when we first met, and how we did. It's funny because back then I didn't know he would be someone as "great" as who he is today. Well, after three years of studying at the same school, I could finally take a picture with him! ;D

Yep, congratulations because you just finished reading this post with massive selcas in it! /throws confetti/ I haven't technically graduated, because the result of the national exam itself isn't out yet. And I will still see my friends starting from 5th May because by then, the students will start studying at school (again), only this time we go to school wearing those white-grey uniforms to prepare ourselves for the national test to get into universities. Well, it's still a long road to go. Let's pray for the best. Ciao! xo


  1. Congratulations on your graduation,
    you look lovely in these pictures, your glasses really suit you.
    And I wish you all the best that the results for your exam will turn out the
    way you want them to be. :)


  2. Great purple color dear :D


  3. Looks like its a great event and you have a good time :)
    mind to following each other?



  5. So beautiful ;)

  6. congrats! <3


  7. Looks like you girls had a blast
    Keep in touch

  8. wow congratulation dear =)
    you look so beautiful !!
    great photos as well..


  9. wow such genuine pics....loved the way its been shot!
    btw do check out my new post
    stay in touch

  10. such a cute purple kebaya anyway, would you like to follow each other? let me know dear :)

    please check my new post here, Cheers!

  11. you guys look cute. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts. Stay in touch Nava.


  12. hy dear nava!! akhirnya lulus jugaaa ya :D suka banget pelepasannya, pasti have fun banget tp sedih2an jugaaa!

    anw im following you now, kalo boleh follow back hehe :D