Wedi Ombo

August 19, 2015

Last Sunday I went for a trip to the beach called Wedi Ombo. Sunday was the only spare time I had before I jumped into the tight schedule for the whole week so I used it to have some entertainment. Knowing that Jogja has so many beaches, I have sworn to myself to visit each one of them and have my trip documented. Yes, to some people, all beaches are the same. But to me, they're totally different. Like this one for example. It's so far from the heart of the city and takes up to two hours driving by car. That is if the road is empty and you drive over 60 kmph. When we first arrived there, the beach looked deserted like it hadn't been found by the people. Only few visitors including us were seen that day, so it felt like it was a private beach. But that only happens until 9 am. Afterwards, the beach got filled with more tourists and groups of people, even boy scouts. So I decided to get out of there before the beach got more crowded.

It was so much fun! The wind wasn't strong like any other beach I have encountered. So I could take many photos without having trouble with tangled hair. The water was also really clear and 'playful'. Unlike the southern beach, Wedi Ombo has cool water and many friendly rocks so you can step on it and pose on a yoga pose or pretend like you're standing on a water like I did on the photos above. Too bad that I didn't get to take a dip because I didn't prepare any change clothes. I'm still wondering how it feels like to swim between those rocks.

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