Menyambut Gamada FHUGM 2015!

August 23, 2015

Last year, when I was still a freshman and still had that title Gamada, I told myself I will apply to be one of the staffs for the orientation days next year. And so when they held out an open recruitment, I was the first in line to apply. Unlike the old me when I was still in elementary school, I love making new friends now. I'm not afraid to speak in public and I'm good in ice-breaking. I get close easily with everyone and I friend with the most amazing people. Ever since I opened myself to the world, my social skill has gotten so much better somehow. I love changes.

Now, I'd like to welcome these Gamada with my warmest welcome to faculty of law.

It's sad that now I'm not a Gamada myself anymore. I have juniors now, and somehow it makes me feel melancholic because I'm no longer the youngest one in the faculty. But life goes on, eh? It sure does.


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