August 23, 2015

Being a woman with bigger figure than the rest of my girlfriends, I have a bigger challenge to always keep myself in shape. And that, my friend, is such a hard thing to do. Like, no matter what I do, even if I don't eat at night, work out everyday, and consume less sugar and carbo, my body will never get any smaller than it is now. My mom says maybe it's the bone. Some people have big bones that even the thinnest layer of skin makes them look big because their bones are too big already. Let's think of it that way. Remember few weeks ago I wrote a post about my new lifestyle where I control my eating habit and work out schedule? It's been three weeks or more since then, and I haven't filed a report to my doctor because I've been really busy. I should be finishing this program by the end of August and see if anything changes. After taking today's outfit, I start thinking of how to lose some fat around my arms and stomach. All this time I do my diet program to keep me healthy and most of all, to keep my period on the right schedule. When I take photos with my friends, there are times when I feel like I hate myself for being in this shape. But there are also times when I feel so proud of my curves. And I'd like to tell this to you all who have the same thought with me, to embrace your body shape. Because we are beautiful. Do not let the standards that are made by the society make you feel less beautiful than you already are.

Curves are sexy. Don't let them disappear.


  1. Nice look gurl <3

  2. Me encanta, es un gran look. Saludos desde El Blog de Boris Estebitan.

  3. Love the attitude! Keep it up :)