Taman Buah Mangunan

August 02, 2015

As a girl whose parents come from a beautiful city like Yogyakarta, I must say I'm one very lucky child. I mean, this city has the most perfect holiday destination from mountains to temples. There are some of my friends who are not accustomed to living in Java, especially in Yogyakarta (most of them come from outside the island itself). But I'm blessed enough because my parents were born in this city and the majority of my family members come from here as well. So I've grown really close with Yogyakarta since I was still a baby. My family went back and forth from Jakarta every eid to gather with our family. And every visit will reveal yet another new places. Just like this one; Taman Buah Mangunan. It's located far from the heart of the city and I can't tell you exactly how to get here because I don't know how (I'm bad at directions, remember?) and it's really high you technically have to drive up to get to the "balcony". My father was hesitate whether to climb up using our car or not because it was very steep (like, straight 90 degree). But since we knew it would be worth it, we finally did it. And boy it was. The view was sooo beautiful, amazing! I even had goosebumps when I finally reached the place. I quickly fell in love with the view.

Indonesia is currently on the edge of dry season, but it's still getting worse. Drought everywhere, even here in Tamab Buah Mangunan, you can see how dry the land is. The color of the land is very bright and the trees look pale as if lacking of water supply. I wish this drought will soon come to an end. It must be really beautiful to visit this place in its healthiest state. Also, I suggest you to wear pants or jeans instead of skirts, especially the short ones, like I wore that day. Why? Because you'll be taking a lot of stairs and believe me you don't want to catch attention on some wandering eyes, do you? I didn't know the place would be like this. I opted for short skirt because it made me easier to walk around. But the wind was quite strong so I had to be careful not to blow my skirt away lmao.

The view was terrifying, and I swear, you guys have to make a visit on Taman Buah Mangunan. Put it in your wishlist because it's worth it. You'll love the place, the view, you can take many photos and post it on Instagram and make your friends jealous! So, what are you waiting for? ;)

Photos are taken using my phone.

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