I do these stuffs too

February 24, 2014

I remember I've started collecting comic books since I was 6 until now. I admit it the influence came from my cousin. Oh now everything seems coming from my cousin (talking about she's a law graduate and I soon will take her path too!). Must say I wasn't that fond of the Japanese until I started collecting comics. I read so many of them ranging from shoujo to shounen-ai. And trust me, I once dreamed of being a mangaka lol. I really love Japanese comic because their story plot are awesome, their drawings are to-die-for, not to mention how legendary some comics are. Like Conan, Naruto, and the inspiration for Michael Bay's movie, Transformer. So I was digging through my sketch books and found a series of my old drawings. I used to draw a lot but now I've stopped because, well, can't find the right time to start again :( I thought of getting into the school of manga here in Jakarta but mom never let me haha. Here, have a peek!

Aretha Edfrant of ELFORIANS

Oh my God look at this! xD Aside from drawing manga I also love writing stories and I've had this dream of having my own novel. The story is called ELFORIANS and is still a draft in my computer, but trust me the story idea is really cool >< I had troubles picturing my novel characters and so I poured all the ideas into manga and what you're seeing above is the girls characters :) It's really amateur omg and I put illogical numbers for their heights and weights lmao pardon me. The main character is Sera, the one in the middle, the rest of the girls are her witch-friends.

Mevha Najo of ELFORIANS

Okay I still remember clearly the first reason why I drew her. I was watching AVATAR: The Last Airbender and there she was, Azula of the Fire Nation, my all-time favourite girl character from that cartoon and I loved the way her hair tied upwards, leaving some hanging on both her sides. And I tried to imply the hair style to my character here... which probably not the same aka failed? Idk. This is Misa Claire, a character from my another story (which I forgot the title...) but one thing for sure is she's a demon.

Tara is also a demon, similar creature to Misa Claire

I hope I can start drawing manga and characters again soon. My hands are getting rigid when it comes to drawing and I really want to feel the sensation of finishing a character within a day ^^ So does any of you do something like this too? And what do you think about my oh so amateur drawings?


  1. I think it's great to have hobbies. Keep it up!

  2. i love your cute blog!
    you are so talented yet sweet girl =)
    keep blogging.. we love your arts !

    be friend? tell me!