March 03, 2018

I didn't get to write as much as usual because I went on a community service program from my university for 45 days in Gunung Kidul last December. And there was no chance for me make a blog post during that time because there was no internet connection at all. I spent my new year there with my colleague and we got to witness all these fireworks at the beach. Quite a pleasant view that I'd rather enjoy with my boyfriend but hey, a duty is a duty. I didn't make any new year resolution because I always set the same goal every year; to be happy and content with what I already have. I always live a greedy life and I've grown unhappy over time. I get tired and I wish I weren't this competitive with myself. And although it's the same old goal for me every year, it's also something that I have miserably failed to achieve.

I'm now entering the last semester of my study but I'm pretty sure I still need to extend for a year to finish my thesis so I still have to spend another boring year in Jogja. There I said it, this city is getting boring. There's nothing left for me in this city that I can enjoy because I've seen some of my friends graduating one bye one and it gets me really hard. Aside the fact that I miss my parents, I also need to prepare for my own career in the future, getting jobs and helping out my parents. I'll be 22 this April and that means it's only 3 years away until I'm 25 and I remember I told myself I want to get married by the age of 25 lol. Why does time fly so fast?

I also applied for a workshop held by the British Council that took place in Edinburgh. I really wish I could make it through the online selection, I really need the chance. I doubt myself, but at least I still give myself a boost of confidence to submit the entry.

I lost my camera's memory card. That's like the saddest thing ever happened to me because it contains all of my community service program's documentation. Photos, videos, everything! And I lost it all of a sudden, I don't even know any possibilities of places I could've lost it. Thankfully I stored some of the photos on my LINE's album. These firework photos included. Anyway, how do you like them? They're so beautiful, right? I like taking photos of firework. They're so beautiful.

I decided to change my blog's title and some of its buttons because I'm bored with minimalism. When I looked at my blog few days ago, I realized I needed more colors than just black and white and grey. And then I went to Color Lover and browsed for rainbow palette and found one. I like how everything turns out because it's so cute and lively now. I chose the word 'Matari' which means 'the sun' in sanskrit language. I have developed a special connection with that name. And so I thought I had to put 'lucid dreams' to rest and change her into something much more refreshing and fun. So... yeah. I think that's pretty much it. This is just a random post before I start posting about my super late trip with my boyfriend to Ullen Sentalu, The Lost World, and another in depth cafe review of Cafe Brick that I've promised you before.


  1. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, how happy I am to meet you, another fellow photographer :) Oh I can feel your pain about losing your memory card! That is just such a heartache. I love the pictures of the fireworks you took, just lovely. Hugs to you today :)

    1. Omg thank you so much, Marilyn! Your presence in this blog just made my day!