The Lost World: Stonehenge

March 09, 2018

As you can see here that I'm still wearing the same outfit with the one I wore during my trip to Ullen Sentalu because that day I kinda went all over the place with my boyfriend and one friend of ours. Friendly warning; this is not the original Stonehenge, lol. I've never been outside my country. Heck, I've never even been outside of the Java island :( Anyway, it was really hard for us to get to The Lost World. We had a terrible bumpy ride because trucks and other heavier vehicles destroy the lane pretty hard so you have to be very careful. I don't know how these people create the replica of the real Stonehenge I mean are they a good imitation or a bad one??? Considering I've never been to Stonehenge myself. But they look so good and nice, I mean they don't look cheap at all in the photos. I guess it's pretty okay? What do you think?

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