Qiansoto 'Shark Oil' Facial Mask Review

February 28, 2018

Okay please don't judge me for disappearing for a long time and showing up again suddenly writing about a topic I almost never wrote before on the blog. I'm trying to start taking care of my skin, especially the skin of my face, to minimize the usage of make-up everyday. I realize that deep inside, I'm still a lazy girl who couldn't sit tight in front of the mirror to draw my brow or applying concealers and mascara on a daily basis. So I thought, if my face had blemishes, maybe I should opt to make it look healthier by actually treating it carefully. Because I believe that glowing skin is not something that you can achieve through make-up. Well yeah, those highlighters can give you blinding shine but that's not the glow I'm talking about.

I have a confession: I have never applied any facial mask on my own before. So this will come off as a blunt story, hence the title of this series is called 'Beauty with dummy' :) This is my first facial mask ever, and this is a recommendation from my friend at university. She told me to get this mask after looking up close at my full-with-white-heads-and-black-heads face during class. I have a combination skin. It gets oily on the T-zone, but dry on the rest of the face. But thankfully I'm not one who needs to struggle with acne, even during my puberty. I also don't have freckles, I don't think many Asians do. I do get acne from time to time, but even when I do, it'll only be just one or two pops because I treat them carefully until they get dry and solid enough to be removed. I don't like popping my acne, that's gross, and unhygienic. But since I have pores bigger than horse's balls, dirt often get stuck inside, causing white heads and even black heads. I usually do my facial routine back in Bekasi. But this one, let me tell you, is worth the try.

I haven't really looked at all the variants from Qiansoto, but my friend specifically told me to get the shark oil one because that's the one that she has tried before and it works wonderfully on her. For you guys who live in Jogja, you can get them at Mutiara Cosmetic store for IDR 9.000/sheet. And don't worry, it's really that cheap because for one sheet you can store it for your next session up until probably three sessions? At least it's enough for three sessions for me. But I guess that depends on your face and how thick or thin you apply the mask. I don't like applying thick mask because it takes so much time to dry out.

The first time I used this mask, I applied it with my finger. But it got messy, I guess I'm just not trained enough lol. It got into my eye, across my eyebrow, and even my hair got stuck in the mask because I'm just that dumb. I don't have to repeat myself to tell you why I name this series with 'Beauty with dummy'. So for the next session that I did this evening, I used a blending brush that I usually use for my eyeshadow to apply the mask because it's better that way! And I don't care how dumb it looks, but I have my own way. My friend said that it'll get streaky but I don't really mind. I mean it's not for applying my foundation, it's for the facial mask so I have more control on applying it. But if you can get it using your finger then go ahead and use your finger. Whatever floats your boat.

I always forget to take a picture of the peel off, ugh. But what I'm saying here is my honest review. The mask works amazing on my skin. It does hurt a little when you peel it off your skin but that's to be expected. My white heads gradually removed one by one, and it's so satisfying when you look at the peeled mask and see how much you get. It doesn't remove all of them at once, and I suggest to prep your skin first with warm water to open your pores so it'll be easier to remove the white heads. After you clean all of the remaining mask on your face, don't forget to apply soothing gel or anything that will calm your skin from being pulled because the facial mask makes the skin very dry thus after I apply my mask, I always put my Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (or any soothing gel you have, basically) in the fridge to keep it cold and ready for finishing my routine. It gives a nice sensation for the skin after using the peel-off mask especially if it's set cold.

All in all, 8.5/10 from me. Definitely a product I will come back to.


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