What to watch: Black Panther

March 10, 2018

My my my, the first time I saw Black Panther on the big screen, I didn't know I'd fall for him this much. I may not be a genuine Marvel's avid fan, but I find myself oddly satisfied with this movie. I've watched enough movies from Marvel to know what kind of plot every movie is going to pull. So you can say, 80% of the time I'm not that surprised. Of course, I know nothing about how the story in the comic book is supposed to be but hey, I still deserve a good movie despite not knowing anything about it, doesn't make me less of a fan. I wasn't expecting Black Panther to have his own movie, just like how Deadpool got his. But there he was, Chadwick in all his glory. I'm so impressed with his acting, and how he changes his accent here, that's gold. He's so soft yet bold. I love his relationship with his sister and mother. I think that's something we all need to highlight.

Even though I had seen it coming, but I still got goosebumps when Killmonger suddenly came up to take over the throne from T'Challa. The coup d'e tat was portrayed very smooth and terrorizing. This movie could bring me to hate the antagonist that much, and that's something I rarely do! You know, sometimes the bad guy is just not evil enough that they're lame, or they're too evil it's getting unrealistic and not enjoyable. This one is in the right amount of evil.

And one thing we should definitely speak about; the women. I watched Wonder Woman few weeks ago and I gotta be honest that I hated the movie. Wonder Woman doesn't portray the true image of a strong woman. Instead, it shows how ignorant Wonder Woman is and how naive she could be. But here in Black Panther, it shows how smart and bold the women warriors are. There's no too much romance between each characters. Sometimes too much romance can stain the story plot like how it happens in Wonder Woman. Actually the romance in that movie is pretty unnecessary. Everyone gets the same right and portrayed in the same level, both men and women.

Last but not least, the culture. I like a movie that introduces certain country's culture. This movie is like a breath of fresh air from Marvel's previous movies. I love the CGI, the whole idea with vibranium and how it's limited within Wakanda only, I love the exclusivity of their power. One of my favorite scene from the movie would be where Okoye asked W'Kabi to put his weapon down. I mean, she would go as far as fighting up against her own partner for the sake of her country. Damn, that's some dope ass shit right there.

All in all, I'd give it 8,8/10!


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  2. I haven't seen that yer, interesting idea☺

  3. Pretty good detailed review. Now, you made me want to see this movie, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I've seen Wonder Woman too on my long flight to US and I found it lacking of depth since I used to watch the original Wonder Woman TV series while growing up although Gal Gadot is really beautiful :)