What's inside my make-up bag?

June 27, 2017

It's finally here! The long awaited 'what's in my bag' kind-of post! I was gonna do my daily bag at first but realized that now I'm already back at my hometown and I don't really bring my usual bag with me so no for that. Instead, I'll take you guys to take a closer look to my make-up bag! c: Excited? Because I am! Now now, I used to be this girl who paid little to mind about make-up shenanigans because I was too comfortable in my own skin! But ever since I got into university, my whole perspective about make-up changed. Added the fact that I also broke up with my last boyfriend last year, I became more and more serious about make-up to make myself look so much more present for people's eyes. Make-up to me was never about faking my looks. I like women who are so good in make-up and actually know which facial feature needs to be enhanced. Because that means they know how to present themselves to look more decent. I used to be okay going out without any single make-up on my face, but now after I get used to put some on, I can't even go a day without drawing and tending my brows. Make-up routine becomes a fun activity for me, and most us women I guess. Okay so without further ado let's get started!

The make-up bag is pretty big, you can see how big it is compared to my hand in the first photo, which is why I stuff it with a lot of stuffs. I got it as a gift after purchasing a lot of make-up last time, please ignore the missing embossed letters tho (it's supposed to say 'DYN'). I love to have everything with me when I'm away running errands. Because I usually stay out from morning until late night and sometimes to freshen my look I like to change my make-up just to give people a different look. Here are some of the essentials I always have with me:
  1. Mustika Putri compact powder
  2. Purbasari matte lipstick in shade 81, 91, and 93
  3. Wardah BB cream in Light shade
  4. Candy eyeliner
  5. Catrice nail polish in color number 39 Black To The Roufell
  6. Maybelline Color Show eyeliner in number 08 Deep Black
  7. Mizzu waterproof power volume mascara
  8. POND's daily moisturizer for acne solution
  9. Clean&Clear oil control film
  10. Mirror
  11. Comb
  12. Viva eyebrow pencil in black
  13. Eyelashes curler
  14. Sharpener, to sharpen my eyebrow pencil

Before, I used to wear glossy lipstick from Wardah when the whole SMLC from NYX got very popular in the market and around my friends. It was still too pricey for me and as much as I love make-up, I'm still a student and I love budget-friendly make-up stuffs. So when I heard that a local brand called Purbasari released a series of matte lipstick that only costs me thirty thousands rupiahs each, I couldn't help but to get one right away. My first shade is the Diamond, and the other two, Beryl and Opal, they're new, I just got them this early year.

Okay so ignore the lipstick stain because that looks so unhygienic. I usually clean them everytime I'm going to wear it but I always get rushed so yeah... Anyway, the Diamond shade is what I like to use the most on a daily basis because I have dark lips and the color lights it up right away, balancing the dark hues. But I also like to experiment with the other two even for a simple day out with some friends. Opal looks like dark purple and Beryl looks red on my lips. Both of the latter are more suitable for formal events but really, that's the fun thing about make-up, you get to play with whatever colors that make you happy and confident. But I rarely wear Opal just because purple doesn't always go with all colors and I like to coordinate my lipstick with my outfit as well.

So yeah! That's that, it's pretty short right. I really want to make at least one video of how I do my make-up at least on a daily basis, but I realize I'm still missing a lot of things to actually get there. If you guys are wondering about how any of those work, you can always leave a message in the comment box and I'll answer right away! Thank you for reading and have a nice day! xx


  1. Great visual layout. And those lipstick shades are beautiful. No worries about the stains haha!

    The Mel Division

    1. Awww thank you Mel! I'm still learning how to do flatlay photography and it's actually harder than I thought! x( Thank's for compromising the stains tho, but I'll promise I'll get them cleaned right away!

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    Very cool!

  3. That is such a nice makeup bag! I love the lipstick shades too. x

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  4. Your makeup bag looks so lovely!
    Have a lovely day,
    xx Kris


  5. Yep, I have to! It's easier to bring every essentials with me so I don't have to run back to my room :D

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  10. Lovely makeup bag! Such a great post and I love how you laid it out! These are all essentials I carry too except the blotting sheets which I need to get too ♥

    Khadija x

  11. I love the Purbasari lipstick, too. I think i'm gonna make my own post about my make up bag because of this post, thnak you for the idea ^^

    xoxo, Kartikaryani

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  14. Such a beautiful makeup bag too!

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  15. A girl just can't have one lipstick. Impossible. :D

  16. What a cute makeup bag! Great products too! =)

    - Cielo

  17. your make up bag is so pretty, really simple but classic! I'm in love with the lipsticks! beryl is my fav! great post x

    keelie xo

  18. Gorgeous products! Loved the lippies♥