What to watch: Split

February 19, 2017

Who else thought I wouldn't be able to watch movies in the cinema after the broke up, raise a hand! LOL just kidding. I used to watch all new movies that got released in the cinema with my ex. Even after the break up, we still managed to watch movie together. It was Kimi No Nawa, which I'll post about it too in the future, just wait! ;) Yesterday I went to Lokal for a quick meeting with my friends from the art group. And we didn't have anything to do afterwards for Saturday night. An idea popped up; karaoke. But when we went passed the cinema and saw Split's cover, we looked at each other and went inside the cinema to buy the tickets right away.

To be honest, the story plot doesn't give me goosebumps at all. Especially with just three girls being kidnapped and no clear background of who they are and what they do, or any reason of why he has to kidnap those girls. It's not explicitly explained throughout the movie so you will have to pay attention really close to how James McAvoy (Kevin, Dennis, Patricia, and his other alters) acts. Story isn't really amusing nor entertaining and it's not very thrilling to be so-called a thriller movie. It's a little weird to me even.

But what attracts me to this movie is the idea of a man who has 23 alter egos and how different each alter is and the way they 'communicate' in his head, all for the sake of protecting the body they live in. This movie teaches us that our brain takes more control than we expect it. Of course, unlike in the movie where you can be anything you want because you believe you are or you can, I translate it as something else. The power of believing is very strong. The movie describes it as a supernatural side of human. Like for example, Kevin (James McAvoy)'s one alter ego suffers diabetes, while the other alter egos don't. And the reason behind the disease is because the alter ego believes that he does suffer diabetes, and so he does. It teaches us that if we really want something, if we want to be something, we just have to believe that we can, that we're capable to reach our purpose if we believe on our own ability. That's why, it's quite an eye-opening movie if you set aside the horrible plot and of course, The Beast, haha.

Overall, 2/10 for the plot. But, I like the idea. I'd give it 8/10 for the alter egos.

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