Lantai Bumi

February 27, 2017

One of the perks of living in Jogja is you get to travel to many places, from forests to beaches, from museums to gardens. Not to mention the so many cute cafe in the neighborhood with affordable price and nice ambiance to do your paper or write your blog post, or maybe just to hang out with some friends. As much as I miss cafe-hopping with my now ex boyfriend, I would swallow poison before I even asked him to go out with me again lol. But luckily, I have just the right friend who loves to work outside our room and in need of fresh environment to function. That person is none other than my lovely junior, Anna. Just like me, she takes photos (and should I write long essay about how tremendously good she is in photography???), and she also writes really good which doesn't surprise me because Anna has this dark and gloomy vibe which I think would be a great source of inspiration if she ever gonna write something up.

If you ever have the chance to stop by around UGM, make sure to pay Lantai Bumi a visit! It's a nice place, though it's pretty loaded on weekends and when it's rainy outside. But I'm enjoying this kind of space where people go to cafe on rainy days, either it's for a cup of soothing coffee or to take aesthetic photos on the scene :D


  1. So poetic(?) for a cef name. But looks so comfy for hang out with friends ^^

    xoxo, Kartikaryani

  2. Nice post and photography :)