Kisah Kinasih

March 29, 2015

Right after the theater had ended, I still had one more thing to do on my schedule. If you're a follower of me on Instagram, then you must be aware of what I did on Saturday night. Yes, watching an orchestra it is. It was my first time watching an orchestra, live, because back in my home town, it was hard to find a "real" orchestra. I don't even think there's even a proper one. But since my college actually has its own choir, it gives me the chance to know how it is to see a live performance of orchestra. I'd like to say thank you to Eri because my interest towards classic music has grown much better since we got along together. I often watch his videos performing with his choir team back when he was in New York for a choir competition. The orchestra itself was held at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.

Obligatory selfie inside the hall

Though I must say that the first two arrangements were quite awful and disappointing, in my opinion. But when it got into the third arrangement, until the end of the first session, everything sounded better and the play started getting smoother. I personally love the trio guitarists. Very fun to watch. Very cute and handsome as well. LMAO. Too bad that I didn't get to record them :(

After a twenty minutes break, the second session began. The main performance, a special arrangement of Sakitnya Tuh Di Sini (yes, that popular song by Cita Citata HAHAHAHAH), and it was hella amazing and good! It was more like a medley, the main song was mixed with classic songs and it turned out to be so good, I couldn't stop smiling and chuckling when they played! :D I have the video in my camera, maybe I'll upload it and let you guys know. Because it's really good and fun to hear.

I got more interested in orchestra. I wish I could at least play any music instrument. I'm totally loving GMCO's violin play. I can't wait for their recital and grand concert this year!

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