March 29, 2015

Wow! Finally, the sleepless nights for the last one week are finally OVER! I am so glad that it's over already. Not that I hate the process, but really, I have a very weak metabolism and I get sick easily. The last one week was such a tough one because I didn't get to sleep in my own guest house because I always came home after curfew and the gates would have been locked by then. So I had to stay at my friend's guest house instead and went to classes straight from there. It was such a tiring routines but it wasn't like I had any other option. This is my second time playing and acting on the stage again after my first ever play on September 2014. I won't say that I'm addicted with theater, because if you ask me, I still can't overcome that 'stage fever' problem. Even though many said that I did really good in this play, I'm still not confident enough to actually play for another one in the future, haha. I'm gonna bomb this post with a lot of photos, so don't tell me I didn't warn you.

I would like to thank everyone—the actors, the director, the assistant directors, the staffs, and make-up artists. You guys totally rock the play! It wouldn't be the same without your hard work. And I know that even though there are so many things that still needed to be fixed here, make sure we have a room for improvement. I totally enjoy the process practicing with the actors. With my friends. I gain new knowledge and I had so much fun. I didn't regret anything. And I hope we can continue playing on the same stage. Maybe one day later, when all of us have become the professionals?

Have a nice Sunday! xx


  1. Acting is amazing , wish i had some talent :)


  2. looks so fun hihihi <3 I hope your dream will come true :D


  3. Looks like you all had so much fun! Good luck with your acting :) xx