Baby, I'm not sure

March 10, 2015

Friend's beanie and sweater, unbranded skirt, ICONinety9 ankle boots

Hi guys! I'm sorry for the lack of post in March :( I've been having so many projects going on in my real life and it's almost impossible to sit down and write a blog post. It is hard indeed, to steer myself away from something I love doing. Now I wish I were an art student at ISI instead of a law student. I've been practicing rancak dance with my fellow friends for our upcoming event next April. And oh how I love the routines. I never get tired of dancing or practicing. More over, I get really excited whenever the tutor or my seniors tell me we're gonna practice in the evening. By dancing, I can let my negative emotion floats away and be myself. I always love dancing. Be it traditional or modern dance. And I'm planning to take another dancing course with my friend outside the one I do at the campus. I really want to learn contemporary dance. I heard it's so difficult. But that's the challenge! One thing I have to remember is to keep my time table clean and neat, since taking more courses will cost me my bed-time and tiredness. I'm still adjusting, and I hope things will turn out okay in the end.

If you're a good friend of mine, you will learn how to share your stuffs with me because the beanie and the sweater isn't rightfully mine LOL. Yes, they belong to my friends. I borrowed the beanie two days ago from my favorite senior at campus and he allowed me to take it home. I've been wanting to have my own beanie. I never had the chance to actually look for one because it's hard to find one that suits my style without making my face look so round and full. While the sweater belongs to my friend which she allowed me to wear because I was sick at that time, and I slept at her guest house. I needed to change my clothes because I was wearing a simple tank and the weather was so cold. Then she lent me the sweater and I haven't returned it up until now, ha!

I guess I'll be really busy for the upcoming days because my schedule is so packed for March and April. So if you don't see any updates from this blog, that means I'm living my life. But I hope you guys stay around because I'll still be checking this blog for comments and doing blog-walking! :)


  1. Cute! Love your shoes!!

  2. love the ankle boots~

  3. that sweater is awesome!

  4. gbt top is lovely

  5. That top is so fun. Love it!