All is well

March 18, 2015

Unbranded black dress, LUI leather jacket, Mango belt, ICONinety9 ankle boots

Bruised knees, feeling exhausted both physically and mentally, late night thoughts before sleep, morning classes—those stuffs actually explain how my life has been lately. And as much as I enjoy all the activities, I still long for something new. Something out of the ordinary to happen. Something that goes out of my comfort zone. You know, whenever I have a dance practice with my friends, I always think why wasn't I born with a talent in music. I mean, my ex-love interest has a huge passion in music and wouldn't it be better for me to be more developed in music as well? I remember I used to play piano when I was still a little kid. But I realized music wasn't really my biggest passion at that time. I was more into fine arts and dancing. Now that I look at my ex-love interest, I wonder; if I could play any instrument as good as him, or sing as good as the girls that surround him, would he reconsider breaking me up? LOL. I shouldn't really think about it this way. I don't think it matters anyway. But maybe, just maybe, he would at least fight for me because he knew we had something in common that could be shared.

Love's weird. It makes you think about weird stuffs like this.

Sorry if I don't write much on this post. I don't actually feel like writing long post today. No new story to be told aside from my usual rambling about my college activities. This outfit was taken weeks ago and I just had the chance to post it today because of the tight schedule. I was just experimenting on the black dress which, if you pay close attention, is a long black skirt. I hope this post will cover the rest of this month's post because I don't think I'll be able to post outfit posts in the near future. But that's just maybe. I gotta run now though, theater practice in a few hours so I gotta prepare myself for it. Cheerio! x


  1. I love it!


  2. love your shoes<333

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  3. nice booties
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    kss a lot
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  4. you look so amazing!
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  5. So cute, love the contrast with the red accessories!

  6. Love this! ♥
    You are making me jealous, pretty!

  7. like your style :*