What to watch: Crazy Rich Asians

September 13, 2018

I know I haven't written about any movie review on the blog in such a long time because I had a hard time finding actually good movies AND the time to write it down. But this time, I try my best to sit down and breath it all in and start writing about the latest movie in the market; Crazy Rich Asians. The movie is adapted from a best-selling book by Kevin Kwan and I am so ashamed that I haven't even read the book. But it helps a lot, you know, when you know nothing about the movie and so you will judge the movie for being a movie, and not based on the book even though that's the downside of watching a novel-adapted movies. I will let you guys google the brief synopsis of what the movie is all about before we jump into my review.

A lot of people are saluting this movie for being an American movie with all-Asian cast since the last time they had it in 1993. I'm so glad the producer actually take the time to search down really good Asian actors and actresses to play this movie. I remember watching Black Panther and I still saw a few white people playing as T'Chala's Dora Milaje, which was weird, because they were in Africa. So that's a really plus point of this movie!

I was scared at first with what non-Asian people have to say about the movie, because it sounds a little bit off but after I watch it, I can relate to the story. It's not something that we, Asian people haven't seen in real life. It does happen. Even though I'm not a Chinese, but I have Chinese friends who acknowledge a lot of the things that happen and portrayed in the movie. I myself am also currently dating a man from another island and that is still considered somewhat rare. That's why I'm so in love with this movie. Yes, it's a typical TV show drama but it's so great and fun and saddening all at the same time that it moves me.

I have two favorite characters from the movie; Peik Ling. We all deserve at least one Peik Ling in our lives. She's the kind of best friend that is just so real and supportive and cool and very reliable.

And my other favorite character would be Astrid, Nick's cousin. She's the very sweet example of a strong independent woman with a big heart and a soft spot for kids ugh, something that I aspire to be. Her character show you what the bitter outcome of lowering yourself for other people instead of asking them to be up on your level.

All in all, the movies feels very sweet and romantic, I even cried twice. I don't usually enjoy Asian rom-com but this movie is just so good that I feel like I need to watch it all over again. I will certainly get the books (because I heard that this is a trilogy!). The characters are great, story is a bit predictable, I'm not saying I haven't seen this kind of plot, but it's wrapped up really careful and lovely. And of course, me being an Asian myself, I can honestly say this movie is not giving me daydreams. Instead, it gives me lessons of how I should live my life. As a woman, an Asian woman.


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