Purivera Botanicals: Grapeseed & Almond Face Oil Review

September 21, 2018

When I first took beauty matter seriously, I jumped right into make-up instead of skin care. I would say that it wasn't a great move, because make-up tends to hide imperfections instead of repairing it. Not a lot of my friends notice how bad my skin condition is, because I cover them with make-up nowadays. But I used to have normal healthy skin until I started experimenting with make-up. I can even say that my skin has worsen over time because of my lack of knowledge about skin care. I keep slapping make-up products over and over my skin problem without actually taking care of the damage it cause.

My main problem when it comes to my skin is blackheads and large pores. I have very textured skin cause by my large pores. It's something that I got from my family's gene. Added the fact that I also get oily throughout the day, my T-zone becomes full of blackheads and looks even more textured which looks really gross whenever I put complexion products on top of it. After searching here and there, I found one particular brand that struck my interest, Purivera Botanicals.

I first heard about the brand from a dear friend of mine who is more experienced in skin care shenanigans. Purivera Botanicals has a wide variety of face oils and face mist, as well as serums made from natural ingredients. I have never tried face oils before because my face is like the biggest oil producers and I was afraid slapping more oils onto my face would only make it worse. But time has changed, and so does the method. People no longer fight oils with water, but we fight oils with oils, which to me kinda makes sense because oil and water cannot beat each other. They just don't go hand in hand.

I decided to purchase the grapeseed and almond oil as my first try. I was actually aiming solely on the grapeseed oil because everytime I saw Purivera's update on their Instagram story with their customer's review, a lot of them talk about how magical the grapeseed is. I added the almond oil to my cart at the last minute because it claims to be a spot treatment for post-acne recovery. I don't deal with acne a lot except for times during my PMS so it's a hormonal acne but even so, most of my acne are quite "friendly" because they don't usually stay on my face more than 3 days.

After using this oil for more than a month now, I must say that I'm very very surprised with my current skin condition. First of all, let me tell you how really magical the grapeseed oil is. Few weeks ago I was on my period and as usual, I had a few pimples showing up. One of the pimples was on my forehead and it was so big and white like it's so full of bacteria hiding underneath my skin. And then I carefully use the grapeseed oil to spot-treat the acne and left it overnight. The result? The next morning, it was gone. The acne was nowhere to be found. It didn't even leave any scar behind! As for the almond oil, I haven't seen any major change it does to my face yet. I will probably try another variant to replace the almond once it runs out. Oh, one more thing, face oil is supposed to repair the texture of your skin so it should make your skin feels softer. Of course it takes time but I have proven it, my skin has gotten a lot more better since before I used these face oils.

I usually use the almond oil in the morning after I take a bath and before I leave my house, and use the grapeseed one at night before I go to sleep as suggested by Purivera themselves. They don't recommend me to mix the oil though, so be careful.

Overall, I'm so glad I found this brand because they're so affordable and worth more than the money you spend on it!


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    1. Omg thank you so much, Vanessa! It means a lot coming from you!

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