Cara Memaksimalkan Penggunaan Biore Pore Pack

September 27, 2018

I know that this seems like a very underwhelming post but hear me out; I have been feeling so much more happier with my current skin condition--I mean this is the happiest I've ever been with my skin, e v e r! As you guys know, I've been fighting with whiteheads for my whole life. I wasn't risen as a skincare junkie, nor a make-up lover. When I first started diving into the beauty industry, make-up was my first choice, and I was wrong. I should have realized that my skin needed saving and I needed skincare more than make-up. The right skincare will heal my skin while make-up hides the imperfections.

The whiteheads in my face were really hard to beat. They somehow found comfort on my gigantic pores and decided to stay for way too long. I got really irritated whenever my friends took super close look on my nose or simply my face and thought I hadn't been taking care of them for centuries. Well, true. Even my personal salon lady thought so. The thing is, I just never knew how to get them out. I used to pick my skin and it only made the pores even bigger allowing dirt to get access under my skin.

Until one day, a friend of mine introduced me a new method.

I used to hate Biore pore pack, because the first time I used them, they did nothing. So I threw them out and never used it again. BUT, everything changed when I added one simple step before I used my pore pack. It's rubbing freshly cut lime onto my nose as a 'glue' for the pore pack and leave it until it's stiff and hard enough to be peeled. Trust me, a lot of people only use water as instructed on the package but the lime will totally help you to loosen the dirt and eventually be pulled out later.

Okay I know that looks so disgusting but I just want to show you how efficient it is. I've gained my trust back on Biore pore pack and I just can't wait for my next whiteheads-pulling session! My nose has become very smooth like a baby's butt! I'm so happy with the result and would really love to see if this also works for you guys who experience the same skin problem like I do!


  1. I really need to try this!


  2. Wonderful post, dear! I love this brand!
    Hugs ♥

    Great post dear

  4. i've never heard this method bfor, really wanna try this method hhaha
    thanks for sharing ^^