What to watch: Coco

December 16, 2017

Back with me again, spilling out my thoughts about a certain movie I just watched just because. I miss doing reviews. I'm not sure that there are people out there who want to know about what I have in mind about certain things but hey, I'm not doing this for anyone else anyway so I'll just keep doing whatever I'm doing right now. So few weeks ago, but not so long ago, I went to watch Coco with my boyfriend because the movie was becoming the talk of the city, with everyone saying that it's highly recommended and will bring you tears. I didn't even know at first what Coco is all about, I didn't even know it was an animation movie, AND I didn't know it comes from Disney. I mean I've grown skeptical about Disney movies for the past two years now, like I'm starting to grow out of their story plots after Frozen came out. But then I entered the cinema and looked at the poster and it totally reminds me with The Book of Life. Mexican background story, skeletons, Day of The Death, music-loving boy happens to be born in a family that despises music, they're almost ripping off The Book of Life's story plot. As I looovveee The Book of Life, I was almost worried that their next franchise would be taken over by Disney because of Coco. But I don't know whether these two movies are related in their production or not.

So just like my any other posts about movies here in the blog, it's going to contain spoilers and probably meaningless ramblings. I'll just get straight to the point; I love it. I'm a sucker for family movies, and Coco is heavy with it. At first I wonder why it's named Coco, the grandmother of the main protagonist, and I get it during the end of the movie. My father used to leave me when I was a kid for work. He used to work for this company that placed him in cities across Indonesia and I only got to see him for barely a week each month. On bad days, I didn't even get to see him for two months straight. Until he realized that he had missed a lot of things from me and my brother growing up without him that he finally decided to resigned and looked for another job, one that didn't make him leave home for far too long. Coco has successfully made me cry a river, because it's exactly how it was with my father. There's a reason why my brother is not that close with my father, because their lack of communication, and how my father was never there during his best moments, they were so far away. Only after father moved back that we tried to fix everything. And I cried in the cinema. I couldn't even stop myself, because I can totally relate to it. Whatever your goal is in life, you should never forget your families. They're your roots, they're the very thing that keeps you on the ground.

Plot twists are amazing, I will not say what it is though, characters are deep, I personally love the story between Coco's parents even in the afterlife and how it ends beautifully. I cried for the second time when Coco's father can finally cross over the flower bridge to visit their family in the Land of The Living. It's very, very touching. Overall, I would say 10/10 man. It's totally worth the watch.


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