Cafe Brick

December 04, 2017

Hi, how's everyone doing? I miss blogging so much, but I've been busy with PLKH the last few weeks because that subject lasted the entire semester, but now that I've finished everything, I can really use some spare time before I move on to final exam, and then KKN. Ugh how I'm really not ready for KKN at all :( I've always been a city girl, and I hate not having access to clean water for bath because my skin is pretty sensitive and I get rash easily if the water's not clean :( But anyway, I went to this cafe with my boyfriend in the middle of the night for a quick coffee, and we were looking for a 24 hour coffee shop, since we've never been to Cafe Brick, and everyone in Jogja has, we decided to go there. It was almost 1 AM and we managed to order a lot of foods to satisfy our late night craving :p Okay, maybe just MY craving, not his. Sadly I wasn't prepared to review everything because I didn't bring my camera with me and I even wore pajamas and slippers here. I do miss taking pictures and reviewing cafe with my boyfriend tho :( Nowadays it's getting more like a sudden plan like "Hey let's go here" and "Oh ok I'm hungry anyway" so I never really prepared for everything :") I must say though, Cafe Brick is going to be my favorite place to be because it's not easy to find a cafe that offers you everything you love in one place, and they're open for 24/7 I mean ??? hello, that's like perfect!

I love this setup so much I mean they clutter this section but in a very neat way

I promise I'll come back soon to review this place in a proper way, my way. So stay tuned!

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  1. Amazing post dear! Thanks for your comment in my blog, I'll be happy if we start following each other!