Nyonya Nyonya

February 22, 2015

Ever since I joined Sanggar, my love for theater grew fonder than ever. Especially because I was given the chance to play once on the stage to experience how it feels to become someone that we're not. But since I have quite a terrible stage fever, most of the time I back away from the offers to play for once again. I love working at the backstage. Even though I know nothing beats the sensational feelings of acting on the stage. I remember working under the same production with this man. It was our first ever theater, and now that he just had another successful play, makes me jealous because he has improved, a lot! I wonder where did he get all the guts to play for another script. It was so amazing, the story and all the actors, very well-played. Congratulation bae for the amazing play, I'm such a proud friend! x

This is Gabuters (aka Scum Loud). A small peer group led by Eri (the huge man at the center back) who has too much free time LOL, consists of Oscar, Eri himself, Dharma, Aldo, me, and Caesar. There's supposed to be one more girl, Keiy but she couldn't make it last night because of something else. Gabuters don't really have anything to do, and we hang out a lot spending our parents' money just to explore the city of Jogja, ha! But it's always worth it to spend my time with them. I get to know a lot of cool places thank's to Eri's amazing leadership. Even if he doesn't really lead us because really, we just randomly go anywhere.

Avocado coffee @ Ruang Cafe

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