Bad blood

February 19, 2015

 Vintage dress, unbranded tights, ICONinety9 shoes

Days are getting more blurry. Yesterday's uneasy feeling had just found out its answer. And now I'm feeling much worse than ever. The feeling of being forgotten and rejected... Today my friend suddenly came to the guest house, after asking me whether I had already eaten or not. I told him I haven't, and somehow I had a feeling he was gonna pop up in front of my door to take me out to have lunch together. By then, I would have refused him because I don't like going out with him. When I was about to go out by myself, he suddenly came and handed me a take away food. I was ready to snap at him, before he suddenly confessed to me that he likes me. He insisted me to take the food, and I believe my friends would melt out of jealousy. And I was pretty impressed because I never had anyone being so sweet like this to me.

But I rejected him. I have rejected him since a long time ago. He had confessed his feelings to me for the third time now. And still, my mind hasn't changed. I don't know why. Most girls would say yes after receiving the affection and sickeningly-sweet treatment he has given to me. But I still don't feel anything for him. He's just a friend, and I feel bad for making him falling for me without making sure to him that I'd catch him. Which kind of reminds me with myself because I'm still in love with someone else, another friend of ours and my ex-crush, and I haven't moved on. If anything, my love for my ex-crush is getting deeper than ever.

The dress is a vintage one I got from mom. I wish it were longer so it would fall right a bit above my knees. It's too short to be considered as a dress. And I gotta tell you that I had a confusing time putting that blouse on. It's the same way how you put on a kimono. Gotta tie this and that with some additions of buttons to secure it. The material wraps my entire body really well and creates a nice shape out of this fat seal LOL. You have to see this dress in real life and its beauty.

It's raining outside, so I guess I'll leave you guys with this post today and go back to bed! x

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