Let's kill the basic

February 19, 2015

I got an email asking me what kind of shoes I wear to classes. And these all my main weapons to kill the negative vibes every single day at campus. Being a law student has its own perks. We're known for our liberality of strutting down the road in style. I don't know where do we get that but at least my friend from another faculty sees us that way. She's always amazed by how law students dress up everyday, unlike the girls in her faculty. Not that I'm one of those fashionista clique but I do admit it that most of the girls here are fashion-conscious. Especially the post-graduate students. I have 12 shoes in total, but the ones I bring to Jogja are only eight because I can't bring them all in my luggage. So there you go! You see that we don't really wear sneakers every single time. It's okay to wear wedges or heeled boots to classes, as long as you're not wearing sandals.


  1. I'm loving those sweet pink ballet flats! :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  2. cute shoes! hopefully we could follow each other, much love! ♥


  3. Love those red boots! And I had no idea that law students are fashion conscious :)

  4. Nice post.
    Best wishes! :*

  5. Great read!


    Chione XX

  6. Nice shoe collection you've got there! I think I am turning more and more into a shoe person as the years go on haha