Kebun Anggur Bantul

November 20, 2018

Exactly a week ago my father came to town to pay me a visit and for work purpose as well. We decided to go visit a vineyard located in Bantul to kill time. I've never been to a vineyard before, it's hard to find one that's near my place. This one is pretty far from the main city and took us one and a half hour to get there.

I've been thinking about the content of my blog recently. As you guys can see that I've been very diligent in writing beauty reviews and honestly I enjoy doing it! It's just that when I sit back and take a whole look at my blog, I feel like I've changed. I no longer sit down and take the time to put my entire thoughts into a single post. I start to care more about the quantity of the posts I make in a month instead of the quality. I no longer do fun trips to cafe or places to for the sake of a blog content, since now I mostly do beauty reviews that can be done indoor.

So from now on I will stop writing about it in this blog. No, I will not stop writing about beauty, in fact I'm going to make a new blog for that alone. I hope this will get me back on track to write more about what truly makes me happy in life.



  1. I've never been in vineyard, but it looks interesting :) Nice photos!

  2. OMG those thicc grapes tho. I want some of them DX