Queen of cards

July 10, 2018

One of fashion's most fun item to collect is; BAGS. Well, aside from shoes. Because you can always outgrow your clothes, you can no longer fit into your favorite pair of jeans but your shoes will never get you wrong. And so do bags! It's a very noticeable accessories and gives a bold statement to your entire look so bags are such a good investment. I gotta say though, I haven't shopped many bags the past few years. Blame on all the make-up shenanigans cuz that's where all my money goes to. But this time I managed to stop myself from purchasing more lipsticks and actually searched down the entire bag section on Shopee and found one that called my name. I usually buy my bags in black just because black goes with all kinds of color and is a safe choice for someone who doesn't have many color options in her everyday attire. But this time it's different. The red is just so tempting and sensual that I knew the moment I saw the picture, I had to get that color.

Long story short, took the bag a week to get to my house. I ordered it all the way from Batam for only IDR 90.000 with IDR 4000 of shipping fee. The bag originally costs me IDR 125.000 but it was on a discount. And just like any other girls, I love scoring a good deal of high quality stuff with a low price. Even my mom was jealous of how pretty it looks in real life when the bag arrived because she was a bit skeptical about buying stuffs online, and then she told me she needs to get one as well.

And as you guys have probably guessed, yes, it's a no-brand. I don't mind having unbranded bags because I don't pay a lot of attention on big brands. In fact, some of branded bags' bag design are just too much and overwhelming for me. Because at the end of the day, it's not the brand, it's you. It's your style that matters. You can wear a vintage $5 leather briefcase from a thrift shop and be asked for a photograph on the street if you have the style. I'm not saying that there's a hierarchy on bags but your style defines who you are. So if you're not sure to actually spend money on less expensive no-tag bags, come back here and let me remind you of how I'm glad I actually bought this bag.


  1. Really cool is this bag *.* I need red bag <3
    Have a great day ! <3

  2. I don't mind unbranded bags either as long as they are gorgeous good quality and size Love this one xoxo Cris