Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara Review

July 11, 2018

Wow, I should totally give myself a pat on the shoulder because the last time I bought a mascara, I swore to myself I wouldn't buy another one because one thing for sure, mascaras don't work on me. I have the world's shortest eyelashes. So far, I have tried two mascaras, one of them not documented in this blog because back then I didn't take make-up seriously. But I've tried one from Mizzu and the other one from L'Oreal. Both unfortunately don't leave a great impression on me. I was about to give up on this entire mascara journey because let's just put on fake lashes and be done with it. I'm not interested in eyelash extension just because I'm not a tidy person and lash extension takes so much care into it I'm not sure I can manage. But on the other hand, I'm still looking for ways to make my cloudy eyes to look more awake and alive on a daily basis.

I've learned the hard way that sometimes what others find great, I don't. So I stop listening to what my friends say about certain products and stop looking for recommendations and start thinking what my lashes actually need. I'm not saying that what my friends have suggested to me in the past is a failure, but it's always better to get to know what I actually need before I start wasting my money on products I might or might not will throw away. I can't remember when did I first see this product but it was just a few days ago I thought to myself I wanted to get this Push Up Angel mascara. Despite the mixed reviews on its sister mascara; the Push Up Drama being considered too clumpy, I still hold my ground to get this on my hand.

And this is it, the main reason why I want to get this mascara so bad is because of the brush. L'Oreal Lash Paradise and Mizzu both have full-on bristles and figures like hourglass. To me, that kind of brush is way too fat for my small eyes and takes too much products with it that can make applying mascara messy. Of course, it's probably because I'm such a newbie in applying mascara that I tend to leave mess on my lids and lower lashes but that just proves to me that I need a slimmer brush. Push Up Angel mascara has this kind of friendly and not so in-your-face vibe, making me feel like 'ooh I can actually handle this'. I mean, just look at it, just look at the brush. I love how it's a one-sided brush and very slim and long so it can easily reach out to my inner corner. And may I say, with this kind of brush, it's most unlikely for the mascara to get clumpy.

I've tried this yesterday with a wax-base primer and it just does its work; my lashes are flying. After the last time I got so disappointed on Lash Paradise, I felt like I don't wanna spend another dollar just for a mascara because I thought I would never find the answer to my lash problem. But now, I can say it's almost over. Almost? Because even with its lifting power, it doesn't really give that much volume to my lashes. Wait... actually I'm not really sure about that because this makes my lashes visible and lifted and thick. But if you somehow find this being not voluminous enough, I suggest you to combine it with another mascara. I'm planning on using this together with Lash Paradise because it's a true voluminous mascara with a very bad lifting power. Push Up Angel also gives your lashes a winged look like the wings of an angel ;) So, does it work? Oh my god, it does.

Where to shop:
Guardian, Watson (or any kind of drugstore, really)

IDR 138.000


  1. Such a great review . I haven't tried this one yet but so keen now.

  2. Maybelline sensational also perfect! Because it makes your lashes long and thick (I often found many mascaras make your lashes long OR thick, rarely found both of them).