Papricano Mexican Cantina

June 06, 2018

I first found this place back in 2016 in the journey of finding a good taco with my ex boyfriend. There is not many decent Mexican restaurant in Jogja, until I found Papricano. It's located in Prawirotaman and doesn't actually make your wallet blow up from the price itself. The foods served are all Mexican like quesadilla, nachos, burrito, etc. Even the beverages itself are strictly limited to Mexican drinks as well. I really love Mexican foods because they use a selection of spices that are different from Asian cuisine but not resulting in weird kind of combination like how I experience Korean foods.

I've been wanting to review this place since a long time ago but I kept forgetting to bring my camera with me. You guys know that I'm very selective on showing the photos here on the blog, right? Back then, not a lot of people were aware of this place. But now I can easily spot some of my college friends everytime I eat here. The place is very cute and has a great ambiance to spend your idle time with your colleagues.

Chicken nachos - IDR 25.000
Also available: Beef (IDR 30.000) and vegetarian (IDR 25.000)

Chicken quesadilla - IDR 30.000
Also available: Beef (IDR 35.000) and vegetarian (IDR 25.000)

I ordered and ate everything myself because I went here alone not with my boyfriend like I always do. I'm usually enough with only the quesadilla because they're a lot and the nachos are meant to be shared (because it's a lot too). I'm totally rooting for the guacamole and the nachos, they're so heavenly delicious I kid you not.

None of the drinks served are in my liking although they do sell alcohol drinks like Redler but I'm not a drinker myself so I always go for straight cold water because good news, it's free! And you can refill as much as you like. It's a good combination as well because then you don't ruin the taste of the foods with the drink.

Open hours: 16.00 - 23.00, closed on Mondays
Price range: IDR 20.000 - IDR 40.000
Wifi: Yes


  1. Hej! Świetny post :)
    obserwuje i zapraszam do mnie :

  2. SO impressed you ate all of this yourself - I can see myself doing the same thing haha! You make a good point about the complementary water at restaurants by the way ;) x

  3. I'm hungry!!!

  4. Wow they look very delicious!
    Anyway, I think I'll be at Jogja in August. Can you give me some recommendations for places I visit? Thank you so so so much!