X Cafe

May 08, 2016

Hi guys! It's been a while since the last time I posted a post under the 'foods' section here on the blog. The truth is, it's getting hard for me to do cafe hopping for the last few months because of the hectic schedule of my art group and uni of course. But today, I finally bring something new for you guys.

This cafe is called X Cafe. Me and my boyfriend just got back from his performance with the music group earlier and he was hungry. We were going to eat sushi at first, but then he decided to stop by at this cafe because we've been passing through this place for so many times already and we always say to each other 'let's try that place someday' but someday never comes. Except today! You can probably tell from the letter 'X', this cafe has so many Marvel and DC-related accessories and action figures. They sometimes even hold an auction for their action figures here. For more information and updates, just follow X Cafe on their official Instagram @xcafe_jogja!

Since it's our first time here, we play a bit safe by ordering what we feel like will still make its way through our stomach even if it wouldn't taste so good. There's still one food left and it's not shown here since the food came last before I had the chance to take the picture of all the food we ordered. My iced caffe latte comes with this really uber cute Batman cape I can scream of its cuteness. And there are many books you can read, they're mostly about Marvel or DC's characters. On each table in this cafe, there are two action figures placed. This place is really fun and I can see my boyfriend spending hours in this cafe (he's a fan of Marvel!).

The lava cake, under IDR 20k!

Boyfie's hot chocolate!

Overall? I enjoy my stay here killing our time and relaxing after quite a long day. The cake tastes delicious, though I must say the coffee is average because it tastes the same like the one I always order at Lokal. Sorry that I can't go too details (again, as usual), I didn't even take pictures of the menu because they don't hand us the menu (we order as soon as we arrive at the cashier like in McD's). And also, terribly sorry for the low quality of pictures. I've tried my best but these are taken using my phone camera. I did bring my DSLR but too lazy to take it so I left it in the car, didn't know I was gonna take a lot of pictures here.

I'm open to any questions and suggestions! xo


  1. Lucu banget cafenya, abis nonton Captain America : Civil War terus makan situ kayaknya suasananya cocok ^^. Banyak ya cafe-cafe lucu di Jogja buat nongkrong.

    xoxo, Kartika♥


  2. I like the concept of this cafe! Pity that the coffee is rather average! :) But the cake looks very delicious!

  3. This is a cafe I'd surely love to visit. I like the ambiance and the theme.