Hungry aren't we? // Easy Goin'

January 18, 2016

Hi! I'm so happy to finally be back on my blogging routine. Especially because I didn't post that many back in 2015 and I hope this time, I can find more stories and experience to share with you guys here. So, the last two posts are about my recent trips, right? This time, I'm going to write a review on one of the cafes here in Jogja. This is like what I've promised you since a long time ago that I wanna write more about food and travelling. A part of it is because now I have a partner who happens to like trying out foods and going to places as well, so that encourages me c: Okay, back to the post. Last Saturday night, me and boyfriend went to Prawirotaman. It's an area full of tourists from across the globe, that's why we love trying the foods here. There are many choices that you can choose, this time our choice downs to Easy Goin'. The foods here are a mixed of Indonesian, Mexican, and Western cuisine.

I didn't get to take pictures of the entire menu, but I did take the ones me and boyfriend ordered. Here's a snippet of the coffees and the price list. I ordered myself an ice coffee latte (a must try to all cafes or restaurant that offers coffee in their menu) (because it defines the rest of the coffee taste), while boyfriend went to his old-time favorite drink; soda. A Coca Cola to be exact.

Here's a glimpse of the Mexican menu

Yes, you read it right. For a cafe that is located in Prawirotaman, Easy Goin' has a very affordable price. Especially because the price stated in the menu has included the taxes and service as well, what's more beautiful to hear than that???

This is the drink that I ordered, ice coffee latte. It tastes pretty good. The thing I love about it is you can taste that they have to brew the coffee first before adding milk into it. Most of the cafes I go to have the same typical coffee latte like they're losing the originality as if they all use the same basic product. But this one here tastes like home in my tongue. Personal preference, maybe they can go a little bit the extra mile to present it more beautiful to the customer?

I would say, 8.5/10.

Yay to free nuts? YAY

We ordered nachos as the starter. Boyfriend didn't say anything about this one, and me personally think it tastes okay. I mean, I still prefer the one served in Papricanos located a few blocks away from Easy Goin'. It's a chicken nachos, and the chicken is spicy so if you can't stand spicy foods, please notice the chili stamp on the side of the menu.

I would say, 8/10.

This is the dish that I ordered as my main course; a fish and chips. Straight to the fish, it was *sadly* frozen :( And a bit too greasy as well. The fries are soggy and bland, you really need to dip them in the sour cream to add more taste to the fries. But I love the vegetables tho. They add melted butter on them so it's not very tasteless and bitter.

I would say, 7.8/10.

This is my boyfriend's order; a beef steak. The steak was too salty, unfortunately. You have to eat it with the meshed potato to turn down the saltiness. They also serve it with a box of seasoning that you can add to your liking, including tabasco sauce. It was very salty honestly, and he wasn't very pleased.

All in all, 7/10 from boyfriend, and 7.5/10 from me.


  1. The nachos look pretty tasty. I always like reading posts about food. Can't wait to see what else you will share about food and travel!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  2. This post definitely made me hungry.