Lucky number

October 19, 2015

Hunted flannel shirt, unbranded pants, ICONinety9 boots

One of the best fashion advice I've read on the internet so far is to shop at the men's department. That's like the best way to spend your money on fashion for starters. Men clothes tend to be easy to be styled than women's. True. Especially because I have a larger body shape and size so most women clothes just don't have the right stuff for me. That's when shopping at men's department comes in handy. They're so much bigger, of course. But we women can still opt for the smallest size which is S. That's like the M size for us. I personally really love oversized and loose clothes. That's why I love stealing my brother's clothes or borrow my boyfriend's sweaters because they're hella big and makes me feel secure. Sadly loose clothes make me look so much bigger than my actual size lmao. Doesn't matter tho, the most important thing in choosing and wearing clothes is to aim for our personal comfort. People's thoughts can follow.

It's unbuttoned, did that on purpose

Talking about shopping at the men's department, I scored this flannel shirt from a garage sale in Kotabaru few days ago. I went there with my girl friends to kill some spare time. Right after we arrived at the venue, all my friends quickly scrambled over women clothing. I found some cute stuffs, but they're mostly not for my size so I was quite heart broken lol. I went over to the men's department, looking for something I could probably bag home for my boyfriend when I found this flannel shirt in its most perfect condition hanging by the rack. Hunted is a local brand by Rio Dewanto (yes, that hot guy who plays for Filosofi Kopi that I fall head over heels for) and I don't know what happens to the brand now but they surely have such fine sewing for a basic piece like this.

Anyway, my lucky number isn't 33, I've always been fond with number 4.


  1. Great look!!!

  2. Love your shoes!


    Sofia Silva, Kisses*

  3. Love that plaid shirt!

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  4. I love your red Hunted flannel ;)

    -- Polkalicious --

  5. That fits you well <3

  6. Nice

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  8. i love love love this outfit!!!
    great blog

  9. I haven't tried shopping on the men's section but I'm going to try too :) Lovely top!

    Have a nice day!


  10. LOOOVE that shirt! ;)


  11. Wonderful pictures
    Styling perfectly suits you and fits well :)

  12. Very nice outfit! Love the shirt:)
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