October 05, 2015

Yesterday I went to Merapi again. This time, not just looking from afar, but me and my friends got to see even closer the mountain itself. There's a volcano trip on the feet of the mountain. Since the road is impossible for normal cars to drive through, you'll need to get on a larga-tired vehicles like jeeps or trucks. You can rent a jeep for IDR 400.000 and it can bring up to 4 people at once (so you can share the payment with your friends!). Me and my friends wanted to see the sunrise so we rolled out at two in the morning. But we miscalculated at how long it took for us to get there. We arrived pretty early where the wind was still blowing so strong it felt like it was going to be a storm right there. But the people said it was normal at hours like that. In the end we managed to get on the tour at 4 am (it was supposed to be 3 at first) but the weather was pretty worrying. We failed to catch the sunrise, but it was still as good as ever witnessing how the universe woke up right before our eyes.

So breathtakingly beautiful...

And as usual, this guy right here accompanied me through the trip. It feels good to have a travelling partner that lets you experience each one of your journey together. But of course, we didn't go just by the two of us. That would be such a waste of money lol. I suggest you to at least bring four of your friends (three if you count yourself) because then you don't have to pay for the entire IDR 400.000 to rent the jeep all by yourself hahahahah. I went there with seven of my friends so there were eight of us so we had to rent two jeeps.

The volcano trip consisted of visiting three places. Not only you can see Merapi closer, but you can see some rock miners below the mountain. The road was very bumpy, I tell you. And it's not a pleasant trip because I couldn't sit properly. I remember missing smooth road once I get on the tour because shoot... guess I just dropped my butt somewhere up there lmao. So yeah, the road isn't very enjoyable, but the view is worth it. Another note you might want to add; always wear the right shoes when you're about to go to a mountain. I forgot that fact. As you can see, I wore my sandal instead and good thing it didn't break during the trip. Or else I had to go home barefoot-ed. After taking snaps around the hill of the mountain, the tour-guide took us to the destroyed houses that is used as a museum now. You can see many things that come from the late eruption of Merapi in 2006.

It was such an amazing trip! I've never gone to a mountain before because my parents don't allow me because of health issue. They'd be terrified if they knew I just went to see Merapi upclose lmao. And yet, I'm still okay! I mean there were times when I couldn't catch my breath because the steps were too steep and bumpy and I swear, the dust was no joke. I didn't wear my mask because I thought I would be okay. But for your own safety, it's always better to cover your nose and mouth. Everything was so gray and the dust sticks to your hair. I had a hard time washing my hair to get the dust clean. But all in all, it was amazing.

Sorry for the low quality of photos. Took them using my phone!


  1. beautiful photos!
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  3. Such a beautiful place.

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