Pantai Krakal

October 01, 2014

Hi pals! How's your day been going? Mine is amazing as usual! I spent last weekend with Sanggar to the beach. We decided to take the day off and drove away to the place where the sky was blue. It was more like giving ourselves a really good treat because of our successful theater play last Friday. Right, I haven't spoken about it here in the blog. I'm still in the middle of the way of editing the photos so I hope you can wait for it a little longer? Anyway, it somehow feels like home all over again with these people. It almost feels like I'm reuniting with my old colleagues from Jakuen. With them, I don't feel stressed or depressed. All those negative feelings are gone when I spend my time with them. I only had the chance to bond with them for less than a month, but we're already this close like a family. Maybe they are my family. And maybe that's a pretty good thing. They remind me of being home. They're there when I feel so down and homesick and missing my parents. They're there when I need them to listen to my ramblings. I can't say it enough how much I'm glad I joined Sanggar at the first place. This organization is a perfect little world in the faculty and I can't imagine studying law without Sanggar to fill my day. Because this new family is going to be my new destination to go after class. And even if we're not that prestigious-looking organization like ALSA (Asian Law Student Association), but we're happy with what we already have. A strong family-bond and happiness and knowing how to have fun! We have each other, that's the most important thing I learn from Sanggar. And the amazing part is yet to come...

Now let me introduce you to my brand new partner in crime, Clay VD. This guy is basically the financial power of Sanggar, and I mean it. He's two years older than me, that makes him as my senior. But honestly, he doesn't act like one. He loves hanging out with his juniors, he's funny, he's very friendly, he's really cool and basically he has all the traits I've been looking for as an older brother. He's a really unique person and I guess there's only one like him in the entire faculty and I'm really glad he's here with us. He never minds about throwing money on anything, and the fact that he hangs out almost every night amazes me. He knows good places in the city and totally the coolest senpai around ;)

I had sooo much fun last Sunday! It was literally the best holiday I have ever had, spent together with my best friends! I went to Wonosari beach, the same beach I went to with my parents about two and a half years ago. It certainly brought me a lot of memories. I realized how much I've grown since then. How much things have changed and who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll visit this beach again with my loved one? Oh if you're quiet good in guessing, my crush is somewhere hidden between the photos. He's that bright tall guy with cheeky smile and stupid poses ;)

I can't wait to have another journey with Sanggar. Like I said, the best is yet to come.


  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun!!!!

  2. Very handsome all! looks that have had a great

  3. looks like sucha fun and great journey with friends! I just found your blog and it's full of inspiration I love it. I know you'lll ove mine if you come and visit!

    Gogui O