Girls In The City 5: Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

August 07, 2014

Hi guys! It's been such a looong long time I haven't been here! I miss blogging so much, really! I'm sorry I keep neglecting this blog because, you know, sometimes real life could be such a pain in the ass. I've been dealing with a lot of problems these past few weeks. As you might have known, I just graduated from high school and was going to university this year. So I had several tests and took all the chances. It was the main reason why I hadn't been able to update the blog with anything. But now that I just got accepted in UGM as a law student, I don't have to use my time to study for the tests anymore! Though I am faced with another obstacle (which is the orientation days) and I have to prepare everything perfectly before I move out to Jogjakarta. I'm gonna leave the town this Saturday, and because I have the best friends in the world, they told me they wanted to arrange GITC's last episode before I leave. I was in the middle of doing my essay, but there's no way I would refuse the offer. So here you go, the last episode of Girls In The City with destination: TMII. Enjoy the photos!

You know those cool images of girls taking their photos through the rear mirror of their cars spreading all over the internet? Duh I've been wanting to do that! I mean, they usually do it during their trips so I can't just take my camera when I go to the malls and snap one lmao that would have less meaningful story behind it. But just yesterday when we were waiting for some of our friends back from the toilet, I took one! Mission accomplished, yay :D

It was such an awesome trip. I had so much fun with them, and sad too. Because I'll leave the town the day after tomorrow on Saturday night and won't come back until new year. That is if I get any vacation for new year. Most of the time my brother doesn't get home even on new year because the exam schedule is pretty messy in UGM. You only get a few days off for new year before you face a week full of exam. But at least my last few days in here were awesome. Thank's guys. I hope we can continue GITC next time when I get home. Thank you, I love you.

I gotta run now. Packing stuffs and be ready for my orientation days at college. Adios! xx


  1. castle nya baguss
    selalu pengen ke sana tp never had the chance :(
    good luck for your orientation days girl !!
    hope everything would be great !

    anyway would you mind if we follow each other ?
    i've already followed you

  2. Great post and photography! :)

  3. I remember I went there a long time ago and I miss it !
    seems like you had a great time there ;)

  4. Great cap and place :D


  5. Nice post!! :)
    Check out my blog maybe?