Trans Studio Bandung

October 28, 2013

So I went to Trans Studio Bandung a few years and decades months ago when I had my mid-year holiday. Speaking of which the place is an indoor theme park, it quickly reminds me with Universal Studio in Singapore. And since I've never been to anywhere outside Java island for the rest of my previous life, I was more than happy to spend time here :D It was so magical and beautiful inside. Ah, rewinding the memories again (and it's raining outside when I write this post!) I felt like I was the 8 y.o little girl back then. Running from one photo spot to the other, bumping to some clowns and dolls, got jumpy over the romantic lights. The place was too beautiful to be true, and I'm hoping to get back to this place as soon as I can with my friends!

Forever21 dungarees, unbranded shoes and shirt

You see I love wearing the dungarees. The floral pattern is so pretty >< It's also very comfortable for a long day walk because the material is really smooth and flexible you can even run in it (not kindly suggest it, really). Beware for the wandering eyes though cuz it's super short haha x) Oh and I'm actually in the middle of my mid-semester exam right now. Having this post written keeps planted at the back of my head so rather than fiddling about it, I suppose to let you guys have a post to read today from my blog ahahahah~

So, see you when I see you (and wish me luck for the exams though)! xoxo


  1. very cute dress:)

  2. Great post
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  3. You're so cute, and so too are your dungarees! I would love a pair like them :)

    xx Carina
    P.S I followed you on bloglovin!

  4. Great pics! The dress you are wearing is so cute, love it! You have a lovely blog, maybe we can follow each other?! I am following you now with Bloglovin :)

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm following you now. You seem to have a really cool blog!

  6. cooool, j'adore !!

  7. Ah it must feel good to spend the holiday :( oh and wish you luck with your exams :)