Album review: Growl by EXO-M

August 31, 2013

Well well well, I guess I've missed a whole lot of internet life for the past few weeks. This is, I must say, the longest break I've ever taken from the blog world. I went to places, spent my holiday beautifully, took pictures like there's no tomorrow, and still fangirling as crazy as ever. I really can't stand for living without personal internet connection—whenever I want to see updates, I have to connect to my school's wi-fi and that sucks. Not to mention the lack of free time I have between the hectic schedule of being in my final year of senior high. I have to keep studying this and that, now that I have extra time to study aside from school, it's almost impossible for me to find free time and take a peek of my internet life. Not-so-proud to say that Instagram and Twitter are the only medias I've been updating in my blog absence. Therefore, making me so poor as a blogger :( But don't worry though, I'll try to make up my mistakes by making some make over to the blog—but I still can't promise you with updates, okay? The web is still on the working, it'll finish on time with new concept! This time I'll try to keep the URL permanent. And the whole concept as well. You've got my words~

Anyway, now that I'm in a new class at nearby course—I've only attended 4 classes until today—there's this one guy that has caught my attention since day one. I always have things for smart guys. They tend to show more respect to teachers and friends, they think before they talk, and the most important, they're quiet. I really wanted to talk to him but never had the guts to because hell, he seems so superior and high class I can't really reach with my very low knowledge. But just yesterday he actually laughed with my ramblings and the seconds afterwards, I found myself talking non stop with him, discussing a lot of things, exchange our minds and well, we kind of argued a little but it was worth it ;D Now that I can't stop looking forward every Tuesday and Friday just to be able to see him! Oh oh, here's for another plus point for me; I had a try out for the national exam last Sunday and since the materials were from the first grade, I was kind of desperate at first because like hell I'd remember everything. So I ended up only studying about English and History. Yesterday I checked the result and God freakin damn it I scored at the 25th place out of 191 students! O.o I didn't even answer the math questions—not even one! Oh that gives me such motivation... :)

Aaaannnddd what's coming to my collection recently is this EXO's repackage album. Though hyung told me not to buy it, I couldn't help myself not to. I mean, not that I want to keep the pictures, or that the CD will remain on shuffle every single day, but more because I have a feeling for collecting stuffs  when I have started getting one. Sooo, I don't think I'll be able to keep my wallet healthy if I keep seeing updates from EXO. I'm starting my hiatus now, fuuh...

Till then, see you when I see you! xxx

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