What to watch: The Hunger Games

June 09, 2012

So, remember about my rambles about that movie, The Hunger Games last April? I'm gonna tell you about that day :) On 5th April 2012, me and my friend, Nindya watched the most anticipated and awaited movie to come alive... The Hunger Games. Thank's a lot for Ilene, without her, I wouldn't even know about this movie—thank's, budy! But the weather that day didn't support us because the rain was pouring so heavily and we decided to delay off this movie. At first I also wanted to come up with Tara but blame the weather, really! :( After waiting for about an hour, I went off to the mall and met Nindya. With all the passion I got of seeing my another boyfriend 'this' close, I ran inside the theater like crazy...

Things I liked:
+ Besides Katniss and Peeta, my other two favorite characters would be Rue and Cinna. Love the scene where Rue was playing a prank on Cato, she looked so adorable when she was on the ceiling hiding Cato's blade. And eventhough I knew she was gonna die, I still cried. I love their relationship and how Katniss looked like she really cared for her. On the books, I love Katniss relationship with Cinna, so I was also very pleased with how they portray it. Lenny did an amazing job at being a very humble and caring guy.
+ The Capitol. It was such a wonderful world full by people like Lady Gaga because of their freaking make-up and cool technology. The Hunger Games' arena itself can be set down to any kind of circumstance.
+ How they showed the uprising in District 1. Eventhough it wasn't on the books, it was an important scene showing how Katniss actions, after Rue's dead, created more anger toward the unfairness of the capitol.
+ That hillarious moment when Rue die, someone on the audience yelled why do the black ones always dies. Everybody started laughing while I was in tears :|
+ I love that the action scenes were so throttle until I opened my mouth for almost all the time!
+ And Jennifer's overall performance, she was the perfect Katniss and her interview and when she was being crowned, her dresses were gorgeous.

Things I didn't like (at least, not that much):
+ I don't liked that they didn't showed Katniss telling Peeta at the end that she didn't love him. I think that it was very important since it showed Katniss coldness toward love.
+ I didn't like Haymitch in the movie, on the books he seem like a very drunk funny guy and he didn't even looked that drunk to me.
+ And when Katniss and Peeta kissed everybody on the theater went all "uuuhhhh" and "ohmygod" I got annoyed, I felt that I was with a bunch of kindergarten kids. Well, I even closed my eyes and sneak a little ._. But I hate it! Why didn't Josh kiss me instead??? He's just a kid, a 19 years old! And Jennifer looked so old eventhough in the story they were only 16!

Overall, eventhough it kinda felted that it was the book in super fast forward I kinda like it, not as much as I thought I would but it was good. I want to see again! Yes, I can't wait to have the original copy of it ;)

"May the odds be ever in your favor!"

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