Music to my ears

June 16, 2012

I know, I know it's been TOO late since my birthday party. And unfortunately, I couldn't find the photos. It must have slipped somewhere. So I'll just post my late birthday gifts that I got from my parents today. I don't exactly fancy listening to Lady Gaga. Don't get me wrong. She's a great singer! Some of her songs happen to be the catchiest song I've ever heard, but then the other songs just don't get me dance on the floor. But boy I was just a normal teenager who wants to own anything her friends have. One of my friends brought her album to the class some days ago and it looked so cool that the entire class couldn't stop touching it lol. So I told my parents I wanted that album.

The Bruno Mars album, is a whole different story. I used to hate this man. Believe me, that hatred was so clear. But I've always had this habit of hating something/someone without making any effort to at least get to know more about it. I happened to heard the song, Grenade being played at the bookstore and I asked my friend who sings it. She told me it was Bruno. Why... does it have to be the man I told the world I hate him. I secretly asked my parents too to buy the album, teehee. Turns out all the songs are sooo ear-friendly! He's a very great singer, looking forward to listening to his other songs outside the album! :)

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