Analog Coffee Jogja

December 04, 2018

Honey lembang beans, Vietnam drip style

It's been probably way too long I can't even remember anymore when did the last time I post about my latest #cafehopping that used to dominate this blog. It's nothing to be sad about--instead, it feels fun to see how my life changes from one point to another, from one interest to another. It reminds me that life is constantly moving and nothing is ever the same. Though if I may be honest with you guys, it's not that I have stopped doing cafe hopping anymore. I do, I always do. But everytime I do, I forget to bring my camera with me. You know me, I refuse to take pretty pictures aside from using my old trusty DSLR.

So what about this one? I have just found a new lovely home for my sweet tooth. If you happen to live in Jogja, perhaps you have heard about this cafe, located near my campus named Analog Coffee. It looks like a very homey and small cafe and truth be honest a little bit cramped as well. But I love the ambiance of the place. They just had a renovation last month to expand their second floor.

Here comes the best part about Analog Coffee; they serve several snacks and one of them is these sweet treats, the cookies. I just found out yesterday that they didn't make it themselves but they had someone make it and drop it everyday there. I swear to god, these cookies are by far the best cookies I've ever tasted. I can't even begin with how it just melts in your mouth and the chocolate chips filled your taste buds... ah, even just by writing about it makes my mouth watery. It's also very affordable with Rp. 13.000/pcs. They have 2 flavor options for you to choose. I usually go by either one of them, or both lol. I'm sorry, I just can't help it!

I usually pair them with a glass of plain water, or I snatch my boyfriend's coffee. My favorite serving is a Vietnam drip honey lembang coffee, it doesn't taste too acidic and still sweet enough for my cravings. I will keep continuing my journey to find more delightful treats in this city before I finally leave for good. Because they're probably the only things that keep me coming back to Jogja.


  1. Jogja has its mantra that keep people coming back to visit again. I love Jogja, too! And I really want to go there again, I hope soon.

    The cookies look yummy and place must be super cozy. I am a coffee drinker too, so I am looking forward for more cafe hopping post!


    1. Hihi, benar sekali! Kota ini memang unik, padahal kadang ya kalo dipikir-pikir banyak juga hal-hal di Jogja yang bisa ditemuin di kota lain tapi kok maunya ke Jogja aja pikiran nih.